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Nyheter & events

POST-EXPO in Stuttgart, Germany

The world´s leading annual event for the international postal, express and mailing industry was held in September, 2011.

Optiscan participated in the 14th International postal technology exhibition and conference at the Stuttgart Messe in Stuttgart, Germany in September.

POST-EXPO is universally recognised as the world´s leading annual event for the international postal, express and mailing industry.

Mail Sorting with Voice

Optiscan Group has applied Voice-Directed Work, a revolutionary technology that has already thoroughly changed warehouse processes throughout the world, to Postal processes. The Voice-Directed sorting process revolutionizes sorting of letters which cannot be sorted through automation.

The 2010 implementation of Voice technology at Danish Post allowed Danish Post to re-engineer it´s mail sorting processes leading to a new centralized and yet extremely flexible operation model simultaneously with a new level of labor efficiency, enabling employees with limited or no local delivery route knowledge to sort mail with both hands free, concentrating on the assignment and enabling a high throughput on the manual sorting process.

Optiscan Group provides Postal sorting and tracking solutions based on Voice, RFID and barcodes for enhancing material and data flows, productivity and customer satisfaction in all postal processes. Optiscan solutions also provide increased efficiency in warehouse, manufacturing and field service operations.

More information about the event:



Link to post-expo.com

Voice-Directed Letter Sorting

Mårten Buur, Head of Support and Development at Post Denmark, gave a presentation on how Optiscan's Voice-Directed Letter Sorting is used at Danish post.

Morten Buur, Danish Post