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Postal Sorting

Abakus Postal Solutions enables postal employees to efficiently and accurately perform their sorting tasks.

The solutions enable easy quality assurance and tracking visibility as well as an increased level of work force management abilities. Letter Sorting, Parcel Sorting and Facility Mail Service are all performed with the technologies best suited for the purpose, such as Vocollect Voice, or OCR. Each of these technologies enables efficient manual sorting and rapid employee orientation.

Abakus solutions enable fast and simple hands free operation. Vital parts of the system are also real-time employee management and full traceability of all actions in every occasion. All this leads to zero errors and improved productivity.

Letter Sorting solutions

Abakus Letter Sorting enables new employees to efficiently sort mail items into any zip, route or sequence with less than one hour training. Using Voice and OCR technologies transforms manual sorting into an assisted process where the employee requires no knowledge of the local delivery routes but still achieves near 100% accuracy in the process.

Optiscan offers two diferrent solutions for letter sorting.

Moving employees from one route to the next requires no additional training which greatly increases employee utilization opportunities. As the process becomes electronic it is also easy to implement individual tracking methods for i.e. incentive payment purposes. Additional functionalities like discharging slots or the entire sorting rack when either the slot is full or the assignment is completed can be easily implemented, enabling more efficient operations.

Despite the fact that mail is mostly sorted by automated sorting equipment some items still need to be sorted manually; typically either because the address is not readable or due to the physical format of the letter. Sometimes it is also possible that low volumes make it difficult to invest in automated operations. At the same time efficient manual sorting requires employees with strong local geography and delivery route knowledge - skills that are normally acquired only through long work experience.

Parcel Sorting with Voice


A typical automated parcel sorting process produces accurate sorting and tracking of the items all the way to the sorting tray. After this it is the operators` responsibility to place the items into the correct container for the desired route. If the item and container verification is done manually at this point, all trace information is lost and no operator information is recorded. At the same time a significant loss of productivity and a possibility for sorting errors is created if a barcode reader or portable terminal is used.

Voice-Directed Parcel Sorting

Abakus Parcel Sorting directs the chute workers on their sorting task and simplifies chute workers routines. As the operator identifies the parcel by the chosen identifier, i.e. the unique trace number, he receives to his headset directions to place the item on the correct container. The container is then verified by the operator and full traceability of the parcel is created. The hands-free system operation enabled with Voice guarantees improved productivity and 100% accuracy of the process. Operator performance is recorded automatically, enabling e.g. incentive payment systems.

The solution also gives shift managers access to real-time visibility into the sorting process, chute or sorting tray status, as well as employee status and statistics. This enables various possibilities in the over all process management and employee utilization.

Facility Mail Service


Large corporations as well as public organizations such as hospitals, universities and research institutes are outsourcing their internal mail services. Often the sorting is performed by a dedicated staff member from an outsourcing company who needs extensive understanding of the organization for good productivity. There is no single format of keeping up the addresses or tracking of staff transfers. As a result the facility mail service is inefficient, heavily relying on dedicated resources and prone to errors.

Voice-Directed Sorting

A stand-alone solution of the Abakus Letter Sorting solution is provided for the operator to sort mail items at customer's premises. This may be permanently installed on-site, or the operator may bring the system with him to smaller sites. Utilizing the customer's existing sorting rack and a site specific address database the mail items are sorted into the correct delivery routes.

Performance statistics per site and employee are automatically collected which enables i.e. incentive payment for the employee and load based invoicing to the customer.

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