Facility Mail Service


Large corporations as well as public organizations such as hospitals, universities and research institutes are outsourcing their internal mail services. Often the sorting is performed by a dedicated staff member from an outsourcing company who needs extensive understanding of the organization for good productivity. There is no single format of keeping up the addresses or tracking of staff transfers. As a result the facility mail service is inefficient, heavily relying on dedicated resources and prone to errors.

Voice-Directed Sorting

A stand-alone solution of the Abakus Letter Sorting solution is provided for the operator to sort mail items at customer's premises. This may be permanently installed on-site, or the operator may bring the system with him to smaller sites. Utilizing the customer's existing sorting rack and a site specific address database the mail items are sorted into the correct delivery routes.

Performance statistics per site and employee are automatically collected which enables i.e. incentive payment for the employee and load based invoicing to the customer.

Postal sorting process figure


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