Efficient individual care

Abakus HomeCare is a complete mobile work management solution for home care organizations. Visit schedules based on customer specific care plans and ad-hoc requests are relayed to the nurses directly on their mobile terminals.

All activities are easily logged during the visit and can be used in real-time by others for customer service, management and statistics. To complete the home care service process Abakus HomeCare offers easy integration to systems such as customer management, resource planning, salary management and invoicing.

Booking visits and statistics

Visits are selected from the users own assignments, which may be changed or updated by management in real-time. Abakus HomeCare also enables choosing visits based on the users' current location, or selecting from another employees list in case of i.e. substitution. All activities and time used for the assignments are automatically logged and transferred to the server for reporting and statistics.

Visit management

Any assignment in the visit list may be either unassigned or cancelled. The un-assigned visits can be automatically assigned to another nurse in the area, who will then receive an audible alert of the new assignment. In case the new assignment is not duly acknowledged a message will be sent to the manager. Critical assignments need to be completed before any other tasks can be continued. This guarantees that all visits will always be completed.

Labour statistics

All activities during the visits are logged into Abakus HomeCare. Start and end-times as well as timing for all main events during the visit are also automatically collected.

Information collected includes among other things:

  • Work-day start and end times
  • Customer visit start and end times
  • Activity statistics during the visits and indirect activity times

Customer information management

All information required to complete the assignments are available on the mobile device. All required customer and activity information is updated real-time.

Continuously updated customer info includes:

  • Customer general info
  • Care plan
  • Care history

Coverage and ease-of-use

The Abakus HomeCare user interface is flexible, intuitive and easy to use. The application enables updating customer information also during the visit, ensuring full coverage of all activities. The system may be used on dedicated mobile terminals or on most common mobile phones. This allows flexibility when choosing the right tool for the job, which is an important factor in the long term operating cost of the system.  


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