Optiscan has implemented one of the most technologically interesting warehousing solutions, based on voice technology. The Voice Picking system was implemented for Lesstor´s new warehouse - the first high-tech frozen goods warehouse in Russia with a wireless network (WLAN, Wi-Fi) covering the whole frozen storage area on every operational level from receiving and put-away to picking and shipment. The implementation of voice technology in Lesstor's warehouse resulted in 150% increase in productivity.

In order to increase the productivity and efficiency even further, Lesstor chose to implement Optiscan´s Voice solution. Voice technology has been integrated with WMS and other warehousing technologies such as the movable racking system (MOVO) and weighing solutions with input of weight into the system, as well as an automatic Voice-controlled door opening system.

Voice technology was the perfect choice for Lesstor because of the freezing temperatures in the warehouse, the need to increase the productivity of the workers and because of safety, hygienic, and ergonomics reasons. One of the main advantages of Voice technology is the Hands Free - Eyes Free operation, which is not possible when using handheld devices.


In the start of the project, Lesstor considered two alternative solutions to get maximum advantages from the existing warehouse environment with minimum costs and changes. A set of tests was held to decide on technology to be used - handheld terminals vs. Voice. The table below shows a comparison of the different warehouse operations using a handheld terminal and Voice. The results of the tests were very clear. Using Voice produced much better results in both efficiency and productivity in every task, Voice being at some operations as much as 63,5% more efficient.

Comparison of the different warehouse operations

Optiscan delivered the software and Vocollect Talkman Voice terminals in extremely short time, enabling the project to go-live after one month of testing. As a result of the implementation of Optiscan´s Pick-by-Voice, the efficiency of Lesstor´s warehouse personnel has increased 150% and at the same time Lesstor was able to cut down the personnel costs by 25%.


  • Prodkontrakt Group, Lesstor warehouse, Moscow, Russia
  • One of the biggest wholesalers of frozen meat in Russia
  • Warehouse for frozen goods (temperature -18 °C - 25°C)
  • Three level storage complex
  • Total warehouse area 7 000 m
  • Weighing of goods at receiving area and shipping area

Read more at www.lesstor.ru


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