Speaker independent sorting solution

Optiscan - the leading supplier of voice-directed letter and parcel sorting - introduces a new solution that enables postal organizations to efficiently manually sort to sequence without the need of any local street address knowledge. The operator just speaks the street address and the system responds through the headset with the exact slot number for the letter. No user specific voice profiles needed.

Watch the video and see how speaker independent letter sorting works:


  • Abakus Letter Sorting application connects to sorting-map from
    address database
  • Routes always up-to-date
  • Possibility to carry out sorting without any local knowledge
  • Enables centralizing local operations into regional or
    national sorting centers
  • Instant employee orientation
  • Possibility to sort any route on any station by any employee


  • Operator speaks out the street name, house and apartment numbers
  • System speaks back by voice the slot number on the sorting rack
  • No limits on vocabulary, no personal voice profile needed
  • The sorting result can also be displayed on monitor

Management reporting - will be developed according to customer specific requirements

  • User performance statistics
  • Team performance statistics
  • Operational area statistics
  • Site statistics

Need more information about voice-directed Letter or Parcel sorting Solutions? Please send an email to Gert.Tönnesen(a)optiscangroup.com.


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