Nanso is known for quality clothing. Also operational quality is measured with same strict standards. Now Nanso improves company´s logistics with Optiscan as its partner.

Nanso was founded in 1920 and has developed into the second largest clothing industry company in Finland. The company´s yearly turnover is approximately 75 million euros and it employs about 800 people. Nanso Group's headquarters is located in Nokia and it has subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany and Estonia.

Nanso took its latest growth step at the turn of 2007 with the merger of Vogue Group Oy. To realize the synergy provided by the new company structure Nanso decided to centralise logistics operations. It was decided that the operations of the five old warehouses will be located in the new logistics centre at Hämeenlinna.

The goals of the logistical development project were to improve customer service and upgrade operations. Nanso implemented a totally new logistical operations model based on the use of the latest technology.

Challanges and results

Nanso implemented Aptean's (CDC Software) Warehouse Management System (IMI WMS). Optiscan was involved in the project right from the planning phase and delivered a voice-directed picking system and wireless local network (WLAN) as well as handheld terminals, truck PCs, barcode readers and printers. Thanks to the cooperation of this magnitude it was possible to test all the warehouse operations concentrated and minimize the technical disruption during the busy implementation phase.

The logistics project was very challenging which makes the value of the achieved goals even higher. Due to the merger Nanso has two Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems at the same time but only one Warehouse Management System. At the same time the company moved into new premises and implemented a new WMS. In the new locality most of the staff were new also.

In addition to more conventional challenges the textile logistics as itself is very challenging. The number of articles is high and they vary according to the season. Customers order articles by brand or product group - and products must be delivered to the store correctly assorted. The clothes are also prepared for selling at the warehouse.

Voice controls picking

There are 28 000 square meters of store space at the Nanso´s logistics centre in Hämeenlinna. The amount of order lines picked on a day-to-day basis is over 11 000, that is over 80 000 products. Over 50 transport cases arrive and depart every day. Total number of workers is 65 and 45 of them are pickers. The work is mainly done in shifts but the third one is taken into use when necessary.

The handheld terminals are put into good use in the receiving area and replenishment operations. The picking process is managed with voice. The picking is optimized to achieve the shortest possible route. In a warehouse containing 150 000 products layout and placement are of the highest importance. Multiple orders by different clients can be picked at the same time by product group or brand.

Nanso´s objective is to improve occupational safety and simplify picking process with voice technology. At the same the solution improves accuracy but the process is still unfinished.

"Cooperation with Optiscan has been excellent throughout the project. Especially the development of the picking process was very smooth and the end-result was an efficient operation mode that was easy to adapt to for new employees also", says the director of logistics Sanna Tiikkainen.


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