Voice-Directed warehouse solution for The Hospital District of Southwest Finland

Voice directed solution from Optiscan guides the users on their daily tasks and enables monitoring operations in real-time. Material and information flows are managed efficiently with Voice.

"When our new logistics center was completed in 2009, we began to offer hospitals and healthcare centers besides purchasing also warehousing and delivery services", explains Outi Kalske, Purchase and Logistics Director, for the Hospital District of SW Finland.

More efficient support services with Voice

"When it comes to warehousing and deliveries it is extremely important that the systems and operations are reliable. To rationalize these processes we were the first Finnish healthcare district to implement voice-directed system in our warehouse during spring 2012. The main objective for the voice-directed picking solution from Optiscan Oy was to enhance productivity. The goal achieved by paperless picking and by updating the warehouse control system. Paperless picking is carried out with voice-directed technology that improves operations, enhances picking accuracy and enables batch picking i.e. picking multiple orders at the same time", explains Outi Kalske.

"Using Pick-by-Voice solution offers the operator a possibility to focus their eyes on their actual work, picking, and working hands free to handle the items. The system guides you through your tasks and tells you what to do. Voice improves the ergonomic conditions, enhances efficiency and significantly decreases picking errors", describes Mika Leivo, Logistics Manager, Hospital District of SW Finland.

"Another objective is to safe nurses valuable time and transfer the responsibility of the department stock item orders to the logistics service staff. Aalso, in near future we have plans to deploy Voice to our department item logistics", states Outi Kalske.

"If there is a shortage of the product or extra items are picked this information is immediately transferred to the system and it also goes directly to the delivery documents and stock balance", explains Leivo. We handle around 8 000 order lines per week. We have 14 employees in our warehouse and they all are trained to use Pick-by-Voice. Beforehand Pick-by-Voice was presumed to be the most challenging part of the whole development project, but due to precise planning and scheming the deployment was easier than expected. Thorough testing and training phase was the key to success", points Mika Leivo out.

The article is written by Eini Kettunen and was originally published in magazine Sosiaali ja kuntatalous


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