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Onnin Auto's customers include heavy-duty entrepreneurs whose business depends on timely delivery of spare parts. In case of delays in the delivery customers may face considerable financial losses. In order to secure high-level customer service and satisfaction Onnin Auto has acquired the Abakus Warehouse solution delivered by Optiscan. The solution helps to ensure that the ordered spare parts arrive at the right time for the customer.

Onnin Auto Oy

Achieve more with existing resources

By using Optiscan Abakus Warehouse solution and the related back-end system Onnin Auto manages their order-delivery process. With Abakus Warehouse system supervisors can monitor in real time which goods have been received and which are still to be received or to be put away. This way resources can be directed where they are needed, says Onnin Auto Logistics Director, Joni Juvonen. Improved work management, as well as increased operational efficiency have enhanced productivity up to 25 per cent, continues Juvonen.

Abakus Warehouse solution manages the entire process from reception to customer deliveries

When goods are received, they are entered into the Abakus Warehouse system with the use of Intermec handheld terminals supplied by Optiscan. The data on serial and batch numbers is input into the system when the goods are received. If necessary, the product information can be updated with the information on product weight and dimensions. At the point of receiving some goods are branded with Onnin Auto labels. The labels and bar codes are printed on the products before placing the products on shelves.

Onnin Auto uses Abakus for picking as well. The picker receives picking list on the Intermec terminal, and picks the products following the information on the terminal. The system tells the location of goods in the warehouse and displays other storage places of the same product. Onnin Auto uses Abakus Warehouse system for rotating inventory, too. Each of the warehouse workers is responsible for inventory of certain area in the warehouse on a weekly basis. The inventory operations are integrated into the daily operations, so there is no need to close warehouse for inventory.

The sales of spare parts has gone through changes in recent years. In the past customers visited the physical stores for spare parts, wheras most of the orders are placed by phone or online via the Extranet today. As a result, a decision was made to focus on warehouse systems and processes. Abakus Warehouse system provides tools to carry out and manage daily business processes. This has significantly improved efficiency of warehouse operations at the company. The operation is flawless, the sales personnel can rely on the stock balance, and spare parts can always be found quickly and easily, considering the fact that there are more than 15 000 product items in stock.

Invest in system design

The new system affects all core processes of Onnin Auto. That is why special focus was placed on the definition and implementation of the system, points out Juvonen and continues: We paid close attention to suggestions for improvements by our warehouse workers, and invested into user training. In co-operation with Optiscan and the back-end system supplier the outcome was excellent, after initial hurdles. Now the entire order-delivery process works, as requested.

Onnin Auto’s product offering covers spare parts for almost every heavy duty vehicle brand and model. Some of the products are imported by Onnin Auto, while others are produced by the company or supplied by other manufacturers. Onnin Auto stores over 15 000 heavy equipment spare parts and accessories.

More information: www.Onninauto.fi



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