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Videos below show you how Optiscan Abakus solutions increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy in warehouse and postal operations and when managing mobile staff.

Click here and watch the video about smart glasses

Smart glasses

The promise of wearable computing offers opportunities for improved productivity and quality for the industry through "augmented reality."

Optiscan Voice Picking Solutions

Check out Pick-by-Voice in action. Pick-by-Voice is the primary application for Voice in the warehouse. All the other warehouse processes can also easily be managed with Voice.

Optiscan Abakus Parcel Sorting

Watch our video and see yourself how efficient manual sorting can be. Abakus Postal Solutions enable postal employees to efficiently and accurately perform sorting tasks.

Abakus AOS Optical Letter Sorting

Abakus AOS optimizes manual route and sequence sorting by using OCR technology.

Speaker independent sorting solution

Optiscan Speech Sorting - How can you efficiently manually sort to sequence without the need of any local street address knowledge. Watch the video and learn more.


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