The Hospital District of SW Finland - Abakus Order Management

The Department of Purchase and Logistics in the Hospital District of SW Finland has implemented Optiscan Abakus Order Management solution, which manages all the material orders of the whole hospital district excluding only medicines. Almost 2 000 users within the hospital district manage product ordering process electronically with web-based user interface, handheld devices and Voice technology.

With Abakus it is possible to let the system create product or item orders automatically. Automated orders require that a responsible person has predefined product-specific margins to stock, and when there is only a certain amount of products left in the stock, the order is sent to logistics center automatically. An order can also be created manually either through the web-based user interface or with Android handhelds by using barcodes.

The users, for example healthcare logistics specialists, are able to place an order to Abakus system with Voice technology, which enables hands free working in a warehouse. Ready-made customizable order templates mitigate work load when making orders manually. Every order can be saved as a template. "With Abakus we have productive, quick, ease-of-use and flawless ordering system," emphasizes Outi Kalske, Purchase and Logistics Director in the Hospital District of SW Finland.

Department stores in control

Usage of all products and items is registered to Abakus with the web user-interface, with Android handhelds or with Voice. Stock is always precise and most importantly material expenses are correctly registered to the right user organization. Product information such as stock margins and balances are managed with the web user-interface. "Orders, usage and inventories are easy and fast, now we can concentrate on our actual work, nursing", explains System Specialist Hanna Jääskeläinen, the Hospital District of SW Finland.

"With Abakus we can also see the department stock inventories in real-time", explains Mika Leivo, Logistics Manager, Hospital District of SW Finland. "Integrated inventory tool helps us to manage inventory more efficiently than before and the amount of errors now are close to zero, continues Mika Leivo. "Abakus also assists us when following the floating assets tied up to our warehouses and department stocks".

Material orders are entered in over 2 000 locations and they are channeled from Abakus system through hospital district´s ERP to logistics center warehouse system for picking. Warehouse picker then picks the products on the order using Voice.

Development plans on the way

Abakus system is on the way to be extended to platform tracking. At the logistics center platforms are either trolleys or plastic boxes identified with unique barcodes. The used platform is scanned at the dispatcher area and when the platform arrives to delivery address, it is scanned again. "As we now know where exactly the platforms are, we can enhance the utilization rate and decrease the tied-up capital. In the future we can see whether the platforms are returned to logistics center,and, if necessary, we can send an invoice afterwards", tells Mika Leivo.


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