Retail AbakusInStore Solution

AbakusInStore Solution is an IT solution for picking, combining and shipping webstore orders in retail environment. It increases picking productivity by taking into account special conditions of large retail stores. The system eliminates picking errors and enhances the logic behind the webstore front-end. AbakusInStore is an agile, scalable and efficient solution to be used by any retailing company looking for quality online shop management.

Real-time functionalities bring visibility into workflow processes and activities allowing better management decisions. The system manages processes for picking, sorting after zone picking, packing and optionally returns. The management view gives detailed information throughout the processes which makes it possible to keep close control of the operation and allows improved communication between management and the users.AbakusInStore Benefits

Warehouse/DC fullfilment

The range of online stores is growing, and the product ranges increase accordingly. The shopping experience is largely already digitalized, and now it is time to digitalize the logistics for webstores. In order to ensure fast delivery at a competitive price, it is essential to optimize picking process that is the single biggest source of cost and use of time in the order handling process. Warehouses operating in single channel, multi-channel, cross-channel and omni-channel environment need to also solve how they fulfill the requirements coming through different channels.

At the same time the popularity of dark store picking is declining, as on-line stores are moving towards multi-channel logistics. Picking inside the store provides for a more agile operation. Picking directly from the shop floor also reduces the need for maintaining large warehouse premises.

Scalable picking

Scalable picking
AbakusInStore solution enhances the retail and e-commerce logistics ecosystem with a comprehensive in-store order handling solution. The solution provides versatile optimized functionalities that allow flexible working even in the most demanding store environment. All AbakusInStore processes can be executed with a variety of mobile terminals, tablets, with voice recognition capabilities, supported with internal or external scanners and additional information screen. With AbakusInStore the most suitable devices can be used based on the process requirements.

When an online order is received, Abakus platform analyses the order content and splits it into the picking rows based on the areas of the locations of the items. This way multiple pickers can pick simultaneously different rows of same order in different areas speeding up the total handling time. Once all the items of particular area are picked they are transferred to the sorting and packing areas to be combined into the original order and finally shipped out in a single shipment.

Order split for picking

An absolute advantage of AbakusInStore is that picking is not carried out by orders, but by rows. This enables multi-customer picking, where orders can be split into different areas or departments on the shop floor, for instance food or textiles. Area picking eliminates long walking distances meaning considerable time saving, which results in faster delivery times and improved customer satisfaction.

According to customer testimonials AbakusInStore solution has made their picking process 30 % more efficient. The number of picking errors has dropped and customer satisfaction has significantly improved.

The solution is easy to use. The system carefully directs the user throughout the whole working process, which cuts down picking and sorting errors to a minimum enhancing delivery speed and end-customer satisfaction with less products returned.

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