Voice in Store

The rise of digitalization and ecommerce is redefining the supply chain’s distribution of goods and consumer behaviors. Consumers are more demanding and more conscious of products and prices today. They consult online reviews for product information instead of relying on in-store assistance. At the same time, in the highly competitive business, ecommerce prices are sinking, product margins are declining, market shares are becoming smaller and logistics costs are getting higher. There is now an increased pressure for supply chain for efficiency, optimization and improved customer experience.

Here is the question: How can retailers respond to these changing demands?

To keep with the trend retailers need to become more efficient and cut down costs in order to stay viable in the face of competition with less overhead. They need to rethink how to use their stores as well: in the future stores will have to become distribution centers and buildings to become more intelligent. The future will also hold substantial labour reductions for retailers.  Those retailers who can offer the best customer experience will win.

Retail logistic challenges of today can be solved using right technology.

Abakus Voice in Store solution is an ergonomic voice technology designed to solve logistic challenges in on the shop floor.  It provides smart innovative technology solutions designed to help optimize workflow processes.

The Voice in Store solution can lead to an increased productivity by 20 %, reduction in out-of-stocks by 25 % and a potential increase in store sales by 1 %.  Real-time brings visibility into workflow processes and activities allowing better management decisions.

On-time shelves fulfillment ensures product availability, prevents lost sales and keeps customers satisfied.  There will also be increases in accuracy as well as reduced training time. It is also possible to add labor management on top of the solution, which enables measuring and optimizing all work including time spent with customer interactions.

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