Alfaroc Logistics Oy

Alfaroc Logistics Oy is growing strongly and voice control was intended to meet the challenges of growth.

Alfaroc Logistics Oy

Alfaroc Logistics Oy is a company founded in 2007 that provides warehousing services. It has an 18,000 m2 warehouse established in Lahti in 2019, which will expand by an additional 9,000 m2 by the end of 2020.

Alfaroc Logistics Oy's net sales in 2019 were approximately EUR 5 million. The company is owned by operating management and in 2019 employed about 120 people.

Alfaroc Logistics' s sister company is Alfaroc Oy, which provides internal logistics outsourcing services.

Optiscan Oy

Optiscan has more than 30 years of experience in providing high-quality total solutions to logistics operators. Our solutions cover storage, e-commerce enhancement software, hardware solutions and services. We are the market leader in voice control in the Nordic countries.

Optiscan has a turnover of MEur 17+ and employs about 60 experts. Optiscan operates in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries.

Alfaroc Logistics Oy chose voice control

At the core of Alfaroc Logistics Oy's services is its own WMS system, which enables the production of Voice Controlversatile customer-specific warehousing services. To streamline the collection process, Alfaroc chose Optiscan as its partner, whose voice-controlled collection system was integrated into Alfaroc's WMS system. Alfaroc Logistics Oy is growing strongly and voice control was intended to meet the challenges of growth. The company also wanted to pay more attention to work ergonomics and efficiency. Voice control frees your hands and eyes to do the work yourself, and substantially improves work efficiency, flawlessness and job satisfaction.


“The paperlessness brought by voice control supports our company's green values” -Tiia Bister, Alfaroc Logistics Oy


Paperlessness and green values ​​brought by voice control also became important goals. Alfaroc Logistics Oy wants to make more ecologically sustainable choices through its operations, and the utilization of voice control supports the company's environmental values.

Cooperation with Optiscan Oy

The project began in the fall of 2019 with the definition phase. Production was entered in May 2020. According to Alfaroc Logistics Oy, the co-operation went well, and the challenges that arose during the project were overcome with honor. The first implementation data show that the collection efficiency improvement targets set for the project have been achieved. Comprehensive project benefits can only be examined in more detail when production use is behind us for a longer period of time and the overall impact of speech collection can be analyzed.

About voice control in general

Voice control can increase collection efficiency by 15-35% depending on the initial situation. It allows hands and eyes to work freely and also supports the flawlessness of the collection in the simultaneous collection of multiple orders. Properly implemented, voice control can achieve 99.98+ percent sampling accuracy.

A properly implemented speech collection process guides the collector through all work steps. The training of new collectors is accelerated and the sense of controllability and job satisfaction is improved.

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