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Why Voice Technology?

Optiscan Abakus Postal Solutions enable postal employees to efficiently and accurately perform their sorting tasks. Letter Sorting, Parcel Sorting and Facility Mail Service are all performed with the technologies best suited for the purpose, enabling efficient manual sorting and rapid employee orientation.

These industry changing solutions allow postal operators to transform manual workflows into streamlined and digitalized parts of the sorting process.

Voice-Directed Sorting uses:

  • Voice sorting middleware
  • PC connected to address database (Letter Sorting and Facility Mail)
  • Wireless LAN when needed
  • Wireless Voice terminal and headset

Voice-Directed Parcel sorting - how it works:

Chute worker picks any of the parcels at his chute and reads defined ID. The Voice solution retrieves sorting orders from the host system and instructs the worker to place the parcel into the correct container. Chute worker confirms his actions with the containers check digit.

Voice-Directed Letter Sorting and Facility Mail Service - how they work:

Abakus Voice Sorting middleware is integrated to host system (address database). Operator logs in to a sorting station and tells which postal code to be sorted. Operator reads the first three letters of the address. Touch PC responds with address and shows where to place the letter. The solution also guides the operator in discharging the sorting station and even prints out tracking labels.

Postal sorting process figure