Logistics Solutions for public and private sector

Abakus Healthcare Logistics is developed for the burgeoning logistical needs of the healthcare sector both in warehousing and managing mobile staff.

Warehousing in Healthcare Logistics

In healthcare business goods and materials are always on the move - hospitals and healthcare centers have large central warehouses, small part storages and everything in between. To handle the material flows in these sites Optiscan has developed AbakusWMS.

In healthcare warehousing the biggest challenges among other things are handling products with due dates, optimizing the item titels and enhancing and streamlining the processes when ordering supplies. Substantial savings will occur when instead of ordering new products, the necessary items can be moved from stock to stock inside the hospital premises.

Public sector is facing probably the biggest challenges and changes yet, especially when it comes to taking care of the elderly citizens. At the same time healthcare business is experiencing lack of professional personnel and constantly tightening budgets. Due to these changes it is more important than ever for the employees to be able to concentrate on their actual main task - serving the clients - instead of using their valuable time on administrative and other non-productive chores.


Homecare, social services, public constructions and road maintenance all have special needs when managing their field force. Improving healthcare processes includes improvement of the actual care processes as well as supporting processes such as equipment maintenance or internal logistics.

Enhancing productivity by 40% in homecare and increasing the usage of road maintenance facilities up to 99% are just few examples of the benefits using Abakus generates to Public sector operators. Streamlining significantly operational processes, improving productivity and customer service and in addition decreasing operational costs are essential benefits to public sector.

Abakus PublicServices provides effective solutions for example for managing homecare nurses tasks and versatile, easy-to-use management and reporting tools for management level needs. Abakus enables paperless procedures and real-time monitoring, simultaneously considerably enhancing productivity. Employees can focus on their main purpose - taking care of the customers.

The care processes can be improved in patient registration, administration and all care processes such as treatment and transfer registration.

Logistics and other support processes can significantly free skilled labor and increase the availability of care equipment, consumables and reduce downtime of equipment simultaneously with smaller inventories and lower management costs.

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