Markus Kaikkonen: Improve eCommerce productivity with voice control

Markus KaikkonenThe strong growth of e-commerce is increasing productivity pressure in the distribution centers and stores of e-commerce companies. The need for different delivery methods is also increasing. Consumers expect a seamless and flawless e-commerce experience. Flawless collection, packaging and timely delivery of deliveries is therefore one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce. A bad customer experience can be costly for an online store.

As companies continue to adapt their product offerings to consumer requirements, their inventory processes must maintain efficiency, flexibility and accuracy at all stages of order processing. Voice control significantly improves collection accuracy and efficiency.


The increase in the number of products to be stored in warehouses has reduced the accuracy of collection. In addition to collection, packaging and shipping operations, companies need to consider the efficient handling of product returns. For best results, it is important to look at all logistics processes and invest in a scalable and multi-technology information system platform. This blog looks at different technologies and their scalability for the needs of a growing e-commerce business. Examples of such technologies are robotics and voice control.


When improving the accuracy and efficiency of warehousing, the following technologies are most often used: voice control, automation, light control, robotics, RFID and barcodes. All of these options are more efficient than traditional paper-based processes. The best technology cannot be chosen without knowing the logistics processes and their characteristics. More important than technology is that the chosen information system supports the requirements of the process itself. The technologies to be used should be selected only after that. The goal of technology selection is to achieve maximum efficiency and error-freeness in the implementation of the process. Often the best results are obtained by combining different technologies; for example, voice control can be used to control warehouse automation and forklifts.


Logistics technology solutions often have to optimize either efficiency or flexibility. For example, an automated warehouse can achieve a high degree of efficiency, but typically does not provide the flexibility or cost-effectiveness needed by a changing business. When you want to prepare for the challenges of growing and changing e-commerce, it is worth striving for flexibility in warehousing processes. Voice control provides a flexible and scalable way to implement inventory processes cost-effectively. An employee using voice control must be productive from day one.

Return on investment (ROI)

The payback period of an automation warehouse is typically multiple compared to voice control based on personal work control. The introduction of new technology always involves costs and change management needs. The best benefit is obtained by choosing a partner who has in-depth practical knowledge of the various dimensions of logistics and the implementation of the system.



Productivity of collection operations increases by 15 - 35%

  • Start and end of collection
  • Hands / eyes free working  
-Easy to use and a natural way to work

  • Multi-customer collection
  • Reduction of errors
  -Notifications, return clearing and processing, patches, balance corrections, etc.

  • Collection site supplements
  • Training time for new employees will be shortened


Accuracy is improved to 99.98+ percent

  • Control number handling

  • The product is viewed at the same time as the control number is acknowledged and the product is taken
  • Different control numbers in adjacent corridors at the same collection points

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