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Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Delivering quality services also requires systems that support the mission. As the mobile devices are characteristically not physically accessible to the support organization, the Enterprise Mobility Management provides powerful tools for managing the deployed mobile systems remotely.

Key Benefits

  • Technicians can remotely troubleshoot and repair problems on devices in the field
  • Remote training and presentations can be easily provided
  • Business critical applications can be secured
  • Harmonization of device settings and application versions
  • Optimized ROI due to decreased device downtime and costs

Key functionalities

  • Manage devices
  • Give support and service
  • Ensure security through out all mobile devices
  • Allow versatile monitoring of mobile hardware and software
  • Track mobile hardware fleet

On-line remote access, user rights management, device settings and configuration management, software updates and even remote shut-down/locking of a specific device are features that enable a smooth and secure daily operation of even very large organizations. To further improve your operations, Enterprise Mobility Management is also available as OptiCare™ SaaS service.