More confident workers with Vocollect RapidStart™

Our customers have told us that their most confident workers are their best workers—they are the workers that consistently outperform their peers in terms of productivity, accuracy, and quality work. Vocollect has found a way to help our customers instill the necessary knowledge and confidence in all of their workers so that they are all working at their most optimum levels of performance. The solution: Vocollect RapidStart™.

There are a lot of processes in a warehouse. Some may involve getting information from a paper form or label, some may require using a mobile device, and others may involve using a scanner or lights-oriented system. All of these processes require training for new workers; and in some cases, refresher courses may be required for existing workers. All of these teaching efforts require a supervisor or super-user to take time away from their primary work to do this. Because these teaching efforts are performed randomly by different people, the educational results may be very inconsistent because you don´t have the same person perform the training, the same way, each time.

Our solution to this dilemma? Vocollect RapidStart™. This VoiceApplication enables workers to practically train themselves—very little supervision is required. Vocollect RapidStart™ teaches workers about how to wear and use Vocollect equipment, how to use Vocollect Voice, and steps them through creating their voice templates. Workers learn how to use the Vocollect solution provided by Optiscan through audio and video cues, using a Talkman A500 or A700 device and any browser-based device with a display. The application is self-guided, so workers can learn at their own pace. Supervisors can focus on their primary tasks, while also being able to "check in" on new hires by remotely following their training progress with their smartphones or tablets.


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