6 Strategies To Ensure Your Wireless Network Delivers Enhanced Experiences

Retail has long been challenged with keeping pace with technology solutions that become mainstream for consumers and other industries. Some may point toward the complexity of storewide systems, while others identify organization and budget restraints. However, now more than ever, advanced technology has become business critical for retailers as they aim to deliver great customer experiences, optimize their work forces and coordinate their supply chains.

The time to prepare for the enhanced retail experience of the future is here and now. For the retail IT professional, it´s about careful planning of the network to ensure its ability to provide the customer experiences that assure competitive differentiation and sustained advantage.

As you prepare to design your wireless network to excel in the new connected retail environment, here are six IT strategies that can help you make the best decisions for your customers, your associates and your bottom line.

  • Strategy 1: Define your ideal customer experiences
  • Strategy 2: Identify your operational needs
  • Strategy 3: Determine your coverage requirements
  • Strategy 4: Select your optimum architecture
  • Strategy 5: Secure your network and information
  • Strategy 6:Choose the right network management model
In the new retailing world, wireless connectivity on the sales floor has transitioned from being "nice-to-have" to "need-to-have." Because in today´s hyper-competitive retail marketplace, wireless has become more than a tactical solution. It´s a strategic solution that empowers IT and marketing to build a more engaged, more loyal, more profitable customer base while increasing differentiation and competitive advantage.

A fast-growing number of the savviest retailers are already beginning to take advantage of wireless connectivity, data collection and analysis to make their customers´ shopping experiences more exciting, more satisfying and more personal.



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