New Customers Spring 2015



REMA 1000 is a multinational supermarket chain owned entirely by the Reitan Group (Reitangruppen). Rema offers a well-chosen selection of good quality groceries at the lowest price. With their headquarters located in Oslo, Norway, REMA 1000 includes businesses in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Optiscan will deliver a new Voice solution with Honeywell Vocollect Voice hardware and software such as terminals and headsets - to REMA's distribution centers in Norway.


Saba - Voice

Optiscan has implemented voice at Saba Blommor, a daughter Company of Saba Frukt & Grönt. The Voice solution is developed by Optiscan for the picking flowers. The hardware is Vocollect's A720 together with the wireless headset SRX2. Optiscan made the implementation towards Saba's hos system, the WMS system, and made sure to develop the voice dialogue to be as efficient as possible. As the voice system is a business critical for Saba Blommor, OptiCare service is also included in the contract. Saba Blommor AB offers a wide selection of flowers, cut flowers and houseplants.


Ahlsell is the leading trading company in the Nordic countries offering installation products, tools and machinery. The company had a desire to introduce a system for self-scanning on a broad scale, "Shop.N.Drop". When the customer enters in a shop, he scans his customer identification card and receives a barcode reader. With the reader, the customer then scans the barcodes for everything collected in the store. When the customer is ready, he pays his shopping and returns the scanner to the charging device.

Optiscan has delivered all the barcode readers. Ahlsell also uses Optiscan´s OptiCare service covering the maintenance for the scanners. "The service agreement includes spare device service, so we do not have to worry about our devices in problem situations. Optiscan system maintenance is very quick and we can get help whenever necessary," notes Peter Joelsson, IT Portfolio Manager of Ahlsell. Läs mera on Ahlsell case.



INTERSPORT International Corporation (IIC) is an international sporting goods retailer with the representation in 44 countries with more than 5,500 stores worldwide. Intersport Finland has implemented an online shop and was actively searching for a real-time management solution on goods and inventories that incorporates the information from various systems into one well-coordinated platform that enables an effective front-line webshop solution.

Optiscan has implemented Abakus warehouse and store picking management solution and enables the operational quality and efficiency of information flow across the systems.


Plandent Division is a chain of modern full-service dental supply houses, providing services to all dental professionals. Optiscan implemented Abakus Warehouse solution for receiving and stock-taking. At the receiving stage over 30 different types of barcodes are successfully used. Optiscan Abakus Warehouse solution has streamlined processes and improved operational quality and efficiency for Plandent. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, the Division operates in close to 15 countries throughout Europe.

Suoja-Expert - Abakus

Suoja-Expert Oy is a Finnish civil defense company that serves its customers nationwide. The product range and services encompass everything from building civil defense shelters and renovating them to installing the required equipment and ventilation systems. In order to streamline the processes and increase productivity Optiscan has delivered Abakus Warehouse solution that represents a toolset for managing and tracking goods on construction areas in a real-time.

Suoja-Expert´s customers expect competitive strength, commitment as well as profitable and eco-friendly civil defense solutions. Due to special attention to quality and reliability, Suoja-Expert has chosen to implement Abakus Fieldwork solution for efficient mobile workforce management, possible repair on-demand operations, inspections and other service tasks according to customer specific instructions.

KiiltoClean - Abakus

KiiltoClean is a leading Finnish supplier of cleaning and hygiene solutions, and an internationally strong operator. The product range includes washing, cleaning, and surface-care agents, along with hygiene products and industrial chemicals. KiiltoClean has successfully implemented Abakus FieldWork solution in order to efficiently manage its daily operations, maintenance tasks, reporting and customer service procedures.




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