The year 2019 means a breakthrough in technology in warehouses
In the last five years warehouse and logistics technology has made significant progress and shaped the supply chain. Companies are struggling to optimize their supply chain operations and meet customers' needs, for example, the next day's free delivery and fast-processed returns. As e-commerce grows and competition intensifies, companies will increasingly focus on technology innovation in 2019 to improve supply chain processes.


Seasons Greetings
Optiscan Group wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This year Optiscan donates all funds reserved to customer gifts for Sylva.

QubeVu dimensioning device
How much time does it take you to measure packages? Measuring packages can be a tricky task. QubeVu is the fastest dimensioning device that can measure packages and products fast and accurately, in just less than 1 second. The device has been tested and successfully introduced to logistics companies.

IoT and warehouse automation make logistic processes more efficient
IoT, warehouse automation and new tools such as smart glasses make logistic processes more efficient. By IoT and smart technology warehouse logistics of the future can be made safer, more effective and more environmentally friendly. What are the trends to be seen in logistics and warehousing? Read more below.

Optiscan Group Company video: We optimize logistics!


AbakusWMS is the first all-in-voice WMS in the market
AbakusWMS is the first all-in-voice WMS in the market. All tasks can be executed by voice control, providing a hands-free-eyes-free work environment from inbound to outbound. This provides an additional 15% - 35% productivity boost compared to traditional warehouse management systems with handheld driven processes. All AbakusWMS processes can be executed with a variety of handhelds, tablets and forklift computers, supported with internal or external scanners and additional information screen. With AbakusWMS the most suitable devices can be used based on the process requirements.

Optiscan strengthens its position in healthcare logistics sector by signing co-operation agreement with Mylab
In the healthcare sector use of mobile printers is increasing and use of technology in laboratories is getting more common.  In this situation it is important that products and systems are reliable. Thanks to reliable tools working is fluent, staff productivity increases, costs are kept in control and patient safety is guaranteed.  

Trends in Logistics and Warehousing in 2018: delivery speed, IoT and warehouse automation
If omnichannel business model in logistics has not pushed through yet, it will undoubtedly do so during 2018. At the same time new mobile technology, adaption of warehouse automation and IoT reform logistics processes. To get an idea of logistic and warehousing trends for this year we interviewed managing director Jarmo Reunanen of Optiscan, a supplier of logistic and warehouse management systems.

QubeVu: Dimensioning has never been so quick and easy
QubeVu is the fast dimensioning device of the world. With QubeVu you can measure packages and products fast and accurately, in just less than 1 second.

RFID Solution at LOGY Conference 2018
There is power in cooperation! At LOGY Conference 2018 Optiscan Group in partnership with Zebra Technologies has delivered the RFID solution for visitor flow tracking and analytics.

Smart lens from Zebra Technologies - Optiscan Group
The smart lens concept from Zebra Technologies is described at NRF in New York City.

A Glimpse from NRF 2018 in NYC
Optiscan Group went to New York CIty and NRF 2018. Here is a quick glimpse of what we saw.

The future of retail with Mark Thomson, Zebra Technologies
Optiscan Group met up with Mark Thomson, Retail Director EMEA, Zebra Technologies at NRF 2018 in New York City. Mark tells us more about the future of retail.

Optiscan Group met up with Thomas Bianculli, Chief Technology Officer, Zebra Technologies
Optiscan Group met up with Thomas Bianculli, Chief Technology Officer, Zebra Technologies at NRF 2018 in New York City. Thomas tells us more about the how technology changes the future of retail.

We Are Hiring: Software Developers
You will be involved in developing solutions for our customers as a member of the team.  You can either in the early stage of your career or experienced software developer. 


Season's Greetings
Optiscan Group wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This year Optiscan donates all funds reserved to customer gifts for Charity organisations.

Abakus voice finds the retail store
The rise of digitalization and ecommerce is redefining the supply chain’s distribution of goods and consumer behaviors. Consumers are more demanding and more conscious of products and prices today. They consult online reviews for product information instead of relying on in-store assistance. At the same time, in the highly competitive business, ecommerce prices are sinking, product margins are declining, market shares are becoming smaller and logistics costs are getting higher. There is now an increased pressure for supply chain for efficiency, optimization and improved customer experience.

Jingle by Optiscan Group: picking the gifts
Merry Christmas! Yet another year the presents are delivered with Optiscan Abakus.

Optiscan Finland: We have a NEW address
Optiscan Finland has a new address: Karvaamokuja 2 A 00380 HELSINKI as of 16th October.

Case video: Pick-by-Voice at MediCarrier

Optiscan's Finnish Office will move to new address as of 16.10.2017
Optiscan will move into new premises at Ultimes Business Garden, Helsinki. We will be at your service at Karvaamokuja 2 A 00380 HELSINKI as of 16th October.

Test of Honeywell's new battery-free scanner Xenon 1902
Optiscan tests Honeywell's new scanner Xenon 1902. With a two-minute charge you scan up to 450 times. See the video below.

Technology in Logistics: Why & how?
Nowadays Internet is overloaded with the fancy articles on future trends and innovations in technology, particularly in logistics. Iot and Big data have invaded the Warehouse management. Real-time data transfer and intelligence are critical for any process in logistics. But what does that mean for a warehouse?

Honeywell Autocube 8200
Do you struggle on a daily basis to measure all your shipments? Look no further, Honeywell has launched the AutoCube. The AutoCube measures packages and objects from as small as 10 cm to as large as a 100 cm cube.

Trim down warehouse costs by smart choices
For warehouses the perceived service quality and the biggest source of labor costs come from warehouse personnel. Did you realize that labor costs make up over 56 % of the total costs in the warehouse? Another major slice, over 28 %, is consumed by maintaining the building and the site. Within labour costs picking is the by far the largest single cost factor, adding up to over 40 % of the personnel costs.

Zebra Study: Building the Smarter Warehouse
Optiscan would like to draw your attention to the future of the warehousing. Our premium partner, Zebra Technologies analyzed the state of the warehousing marketplace and conducted a study on “Building the Smarter Warehouse: Warehousing 2020”. The online survey asked IT and operations personnel in the manufacturing, retail, transportation and wholesale market segments to share their insights and business plans over the next five years, in light of a rapidly changing industry.

4 simple steps to improve your warehouse
A real-time visibility and data intelligence are critical for warehouse processes. The right data can help you to analyze warehouse operation and enhance personnel workforce performance. 

Suomen Asiakastieto Oy has granted the strongest in Finland Platinum certificate to Optiscan.
The Strongest in Finland Platinum special certificate is proof of company's excellent financial performance indicators, positive background and good payment behaviour. The classification is granted by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.


Season's Greetings from Optiscan Group
With Christmas and New Year round the corner, it's the time of the year to be merry and joyous. Optiscan Group wishes all its partners and customers a peaceful holiday season!

Amazon Picking Challenge – a peek into the autonomous future
A robotic arm combining a suction cup, a ‘two-fingered’ gripper and a 3D depth-sensing camera has won Amazon's latest warehouse bot competition. Recent improvement of robotic technology can bring interesting opportunities for logistic companies in the future.

Zebra Technologies Compatible testing of
Abakus Warehouse application

Optiscan has successfully completed Zebra Technologies Compatible testing of Abakus Warehouse application.The GlobalSales Solution Center compatible tested Abakus Warehouse from Optiscan Group on the ET5x Tablet as part of the Early Adopter Program.

Cramo invests in second generation mobile work management solution and selects Optiscan as the supplier
Cramo and Optiscan have signed a contract on implementation of the Abakus FieldWork solution for delivery and service process management. The solution is planned to be rolled out in a pilot in Sweden. The key advantage of the system is improved transparency and work management. Optiscan was selected as the supplier due to the company’s excellent knowledge of Cramo’s core processes.

Team Rynkeby Finland raises a record breaking amount for charity
The Nordic charity event Team Rynkeby 2015 – 2016 has raised a record breaking charity amount in Finland. Optiscan has been supporting this year’s cycling event that raises funds for children and adolescents with cancer and for their families.

Zebra Technologies Compatible testing of Abakus Warehouse application
Optiscan has successfully completed Zebra Technologies Compatible testing of Abakus Warehouse application!

Important security notice for Bartender customers using Windows
A new Windows security update appears to affect printing from BarTender.

Greetings from NDC16
Robots vs humans, last-mile and innovation were hot topics as Optiscan exhibited at the Nordic Delivery Conference 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jarmo Reunanen is the new Managing Director of Optiscan Group
Mr Jarmo Reunanen (MBA) has been appointed Managing Director of the Optiscan Group on June 27, 2016. He has an extensive experience in the software business management, sales and product development. Since 2011, Mr Reunanen has held the senior role responsible for the software development and solution-oriented conceptualization in the company.

KiiltoClean: Customer satisfaction on the rise with Abakus

Predictive maintenance brings significant benefits for industries
The global consultancy Roland Berger has made a research on predictive maintenance in collaboration with the lubricant oil company Castrol. 

Internet of Things 2016 Trends: Leveraging Actionable Insights
As 2016 kicks off, the buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) hasn´t decreased. If anything, it´s getting louder; the IoT is being recognized across the logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries as more than a passing fad, but an inevitable progression towards a more connected future.

Optiscan summarizes NRF's Big Show in NYC
Luckily we managed to visit NY just before the arrival of one of the worst snowstorms ever. Even the NRF event could be seen as a storm at least when looking at the 30 000 + visitors and the number of exhibitors. The show consists of the retail technology´s top leaders and a vast selection of innovative new technologies.

Optiscan Goes National Retail Federation's Big Show 17-19 January, 2016!
At Retail's BIG Show there are plenty of opportunities to connect with retail executives from around the country and around the world.Follow us on LinkedIn to hear the latest news!


Christmas donations & Season's Greetings
This year Optiscan donates all funds reserved to customer gifts to local charity associations.

OptimumNews 9/2015 - Omni-Channel and eCommerce

More Than Half Of In-Store Shoppers Interested In Location-Based Services
Annual Zebra Technologies Global Shopper study finds one-third of shoppers believe they are better connected to real-time information than in-store associates

E-commerce in the Nordics 2015
Nordic e-commerce is undergoing dramatic development and following the latest trends - the most obvious of which is the omni-channel combination of commerce in physical and digital channels.

One Store The Customer-Centric Path To Multi-Channel Success
One hundred years ago, retailers only had bricks and mortar stores to manage. Today the landscape is much more complex. The Internet, social media and faster delivery times have transformed the shopping experience.

OptimumNews 6/2015 - Internet of Things (IoT) in Logistics

Zebra Global Partner Summit 2015
Optiscan Group participated in Zebra Global Partner Summit, which - for the first time in history - brought together the largest AutoID companies from all over the world. The event was held in Las Vegas, and hype around the summit was huge already beforehand.

New Customers Spring 2015

Internet of Things - Forbes writes about tracking everything everywhere
Logistics companies were among the first to adopt mobile devices as a means to manage and monitor their processes. Initially the hand-held devices that delivery drivers used delivered benefits primarily by simplifying and automating existing paper-based processes.

Optiscan's Vision on How the Internet of Things is Changing the Logistics Industry
Internet has become such an interwoven part of our lives that most of us could not think of living without it. Until now the net has mainly been a place for searching information and communicating with your friends and colleagues. In other words it has been used for communication between humans or between humans and computers. That is about to change. Actually, we are in the starting stages of probably the biggest change in communication since the invention of the printing press - the era of ubiquitous machine to machine communication.

Optiscan to sponsor Team Rynkeby
Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity cycling team. Every summer they cycle to Paris to raise money for children with cancer and their families.

Top 6 Retail Trends to Watch in 2015
In 2015, retailers will continue to invest in data-driven marketing and demand-driven retail execution frameworks (including supply, demand, merchandise, and store operations planning) as competitive differentiators.

What Will It Be Like to Shop in The Future?
Discover the future of mealtime and find out how technology and instant information can make the frozen food aisle a simpler place. Inspired by Google technology, Marie Callender's and Healthy Choice bring you the future of frozen foods.

Optimum news 2/2015 It is Valentine's Day!

Optiscan Group on LinkedIn
Join us on LinkedIn for the latest updates and industry discussion with your peers.

A recipe for a good party?
This year Optiscan Oy celebrates its 25th anniversary. The celebration will go on the whole year, but this is how we started: a Recipe for a Good Party!


This Christmas Optiscan donates gift funds to charity projects
This year Optiscan donates all funds reserved to customer gifts to local charity associations.

New EU food regulations
EU regulation 1169/2011 will come to an effect gradually starting on December 13, 2014. New statutes will effect the labeling requirements regarding food and alcoholic beverages.

OptimumNews 11/2014 - 3PL - More Than a Warehouse

Hidden Transportation and Logistics Costs of Supplier Non-Compliance
Retailers and manufacturers are increasing their supply chain complexity, while at the same time focusing on reducing procurement, transportation, and logistics costs.

Current State of the 3PL Market
In the 2014 18th Annual Third Party Logistics Study, conducted by Capgemini, survey results showed the continuing, positive overall nature of shipper-3PL relationships. Shippers agree that 3PLs provide new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness, and that they are sufficiently agile and flexible to accommodate future business needs and challenges.

H. I. Giørtz Sønner - Over 80% less errors with Voice-Directed Work

Optimum News 9/2014

Logistics Roadmap to 2025
We live in a highly connected world that is complex and becoming increasingly so. In the midst of this complexity, all the pieces must fit and work together to accommodate continuous and sometimes mind-boggling change. This is the environment for material handling and logistics in 2014.

OptimumNews 6/2014 Optiscan Customer Newsletter

6 Strategies To Ensure Your Wireless Network Delivers Enhanced Experiences
Retail has long been challenged with keeping pace with technology solutions that become mainstream for consumers and other industries. Some may point toward the complexity of storewide systems, while others identify organization and budget restraints. However, now more than ever, advanced technology has become business critical for retailers as they aim to deliver great customer experiences, optimize their work forces and coordinate their supply chains.

Going mobile - every retailer´s dream…
Improve productivity and customer service in the retail store with automated inventory management.

Study reveals: 81% of the Voice users are satisfied!
Supply Chain Insights is focused on delivering independent, actionable and objective advice for supply chain leaders. They conducted a study (the Power of Voice) about the value of Voice-Directed warehousing.

OptimumNews 5/2014 - Optiscan Customer Newsletter

Motorola - Top Three Reasons for Mobility in Field Operations
Enterprises all over the world have discovered the value of mobilizing field-based applications. Motorola has published an article on field mobility.

VDC White Paper: Investment Acumen for Next Generation Mobile Solutions
Manufacturing and Logistics Operations: From the Industrial Revolution to the Age of Information.

Research: Field Mobility - More Affordable than Ever Before
Field Technologies magazine (FieldTechnologiesOnline.com) conducted a survey in order to find out what technologies are currently in use, what are on the roadmap for the near future, which functionalities people feel are most important in main field mobility categories, and what is the general take on the current field mobility trends.

Inventory Management 101: Time to revisit the principles
In many cases, inventory related costs can rival transportation spend as the largest logistics cost—and often holds the most opportunity for significant improvement once it´s closely examined. Our warehouse/DC insiders give us a refresher on the all too often overlooked practices.

Customer Newsletter Theme: Improved efficiency in a warehouse

Voice is faster than handscanners!

Savings by unlocking hidden costs
Intermec by Honeywell have conducted a study about hidden costs in the distribution centre.


Third Time Partner of the Year for Optiscan
Optiscan Group, The #1 provider of Voice solutions in the Nordics, Baltics and Russia, was awarded "The Partner of the Year" prize during The 2013 Vocollect EMEA Partner Conference in Budapest. At the same time Optiscan Russia was recognised as "Best Partner - Emerging Markets".

Normiputki - Precision Plumbing with Abakus FieldWork
Normiputki uses Abakus FieldWork for managing real-time order delivery process.

Season's Greetings
With Christmas and New Year round the corner, it's the time of the year to be merry and joyous. Optiscan Group wishes all its partners and customers a peaceful holiday season!

This Christmas Optiscan donates gift funds to charity projects
This year Optiscan donates all funds reserved to customer gifts to local charity associations.

Greetings from Post-Expo in Vienna
The annual Post-Expo fair was held the 1st until the 3rd of October in Vienna, Austria.

Successful Adding Logic to Logistics seminar in St. Petersburg
Optiscan held seminar "Improving productivity and picking accuracy in a warehouse with Voice technology," in St. Petersburg, October 3, 2013.

Mobile Technology Could Save Transport and Logistics Companies over £300,000 Annually
New Intermec Research Reveals Mobile Technology Could Save Transport and Logistics Companies over £300,000 Annually.

Turning to Technology to meet Operational Challenges
Vocollect commisioned a market study by Redshift Research during 2012.

Successful Logistik & Transport
Logistik & Transport was held the 29th and 30th of May, at The Swedish Exhibion and Congress Centre in Gothenburg.

New Customers Spring 2013
JCDecaux, Lumon, Espoo City Library, Helsinki University

Optiscan´s Adding Logic to Logistics Seminars spring 2013
Optiscan´s traditional Adding Logic to Logistics seminars proved to be successful - again.

Complex assembly business goes mobile - Lumon uses Optiscan Abakus FieldWork
Mobile work management makes work easier, more flexible and enables real-time control. Abakus FieldWork is the choice for Lumon, a leading balcony façade and terrace products manufacturer, and its installation crew and managers.

Optiscan at XVI Moscow International Logistic Forum, Russia
Optiscan participated and gave a presentation during the XVI Moscow International Logistic Forum on 7th of January.

Striking a chord - A voice technology case study, Itella Logistics
Read on Logistics Business IT, an UK-based logistics magazine, how Itella, the leading provider of 3PL services to Northern and Eastern Europe, uses Vocollect Voice-directed solution for picking different kinds of products.


Season's Greetings
With Christmas and New Year round the corner, it's the time of the year to be merry and joyous. Optiscan Group wishes all its partners and customers a peaceful holiday season!  

Optiscan at WMS EXPO in Moscow
Optiscan took part in WMS EXPO - the International Conference on innovation and automation of the warehouse.  

Optiscan at Conference Logistics Ural 2012
Optiscan together with Logicon took part in a conference on 17th of October "Logistics of Urals 2012: effective solutions" in Ekaterinburg. Conference is a part of exhibition "Logistics. Warehouse".

Kjell & Company hosted seminar
Retailer Kjell & Company hosted this fall's Adding Logic to logistics seminar in Sweden. The seminar was held the 10th of October at their central warehouse in Malmö.

Successful Adding Logic to Logistics seminar in Helsinki, Finland
Valio's Main warehouse in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, hosted this fall's Adding Logic to Logistics seminar in Finland. The seminar and reference site visit proved once again to be successful!

A Postcard from Post-Expo
The annual Post-Expo fair was held the 18th until the 20th of September i Brussels, Belgium.

Adding Logic to Logistics Seminar in St Petersburg
Optiscan held seminar "Improving productivity and picking accuracy in a warehouse with Voice technology," in St. Petersburg, September 13, 2012.

Optiscan in Postal Technology International Magazine
Optiscan Abakus Voice-Directed Postal Applications Optiscan Abakus postal applications enable postal employees to perform their sorting tasks accurately and efficiently. These industry-changing solutions allow postal operators to transform manual workflows into streamlined and digitalized parts of the delivery process. The core of the solution, voice technology, has been proved best practice in warehousing solutions around the globe and has already been adopted by some postal industry innovators including Post Denmark and ltella in Finland.

Voice-directed mail sorting - article in Postal Technology Int.
Voice-directed mail sorting makes for busy - but highly efficient - nights in Copenhagen. Optiscan Abakus postal solutions enable postal employees to perform their sorting tasks accurately and efficiently.

Optiscan Group wishes you a relaxing summer time!

Successful Logistik & Transport
Logistik & Transport was held from the 22nd till the 25th of May, at The Swedish Exhibion and Congress Centre in Gothenburg.

Adam Smith Conference in Moscow
Optiscan has participted in Adam Smith Conference "The Russian Retail Forum" - a strategic meeting place for the retail industry elite held on 26-29 March 2012, Lotte Hotel, Moscow.

Meet us at Lager 2012 on March 21!
Optiscan provides solutions based on Voice, Pick-n-Go® and RFID technologies for enhancing logistics processes in warehouse and field service.

Adding Logic to Logistics seminar in Espoo, Finland
Optiscan´s traditional Adding Logic to Logistics seminar proved to be a success - again. This time we concentrated on our solutions for managing mobile workforce.

Interview in Intelligent Logistik
Joakim Stannow, Country Manager of Optiscan Sweden, was interviewed by Swedish logistics magazine Intelligent Logistik no. 1, 2012.


Conference in Moscow
Optiscan participated in "Efficient automated storage and processing components and finished parts. Targeted solutions for the automotive and aerospace industry" conference in Moscow.

Optiscan participated in 600 Minutes Supply Chain Management on November 16
600 Minutes Supply Chain Management is an annually organised, invitation-only event designed for Supply Chain directors.

Abakus FieldWork in Transportnytt
Abakus FieldWork, a solution for workers in the field, appeared in Transportnytt #4, 2011.

Greetings from Fairs in Finland
Optiscan Oy participated in two very interesting fairs this fall, Subcontracting 2011 (Alihankinta 2011) and a brand new trade show Logistics 2011 Fair (Logistiikka 2011).

STL Exhibition 2011 in Moscow
Optiscan participated in the STL Exhibition Moscow in October 2011.  

Successful reference visit and seminar at DHL, Sweden
DHLs warehouse in Borås, Sweden hosted this fall's Adding Logic to logistics seminar. The seminar proved once again to be a real success!

Expert in Supply Chain Management takes over logistics!
Mr. Juha Ruotsalainen, known as an expert in developing Supply Chain Management, has started as a Sales Director in Optiscan Oy in the beginning of summer 2011.

Read our latest customer newsletter!

Optiscan Group Completes Acquisition of Abakus Ohjelmistot Oy
Optiscan´s Abakus MobileWork Suite is a comprehensive completely paperless mobile work management solution.

More growth from the east
Voice-Directed Solutions are ready for takeoff in the Russian market.  

Optiscan - Award Winner
Optiscan returned victorious from the Vocollect reseller meeting

Great interest for logistics improvement!
Optiscan´s traditional Adding Logic to Logistics seminar this spring received extreme attention.


How Madonna makes warehousing more efficient
Put on your headphones and position the microphone in front of your mouth - then get to work. Looks like Madonna except that you are at DHL Storage's warehouse in Borås Sweden.

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