Great interest for logistics improvement!

Optiscan´s traditional Adding Logic to Logistics seminar this spring received extreme attention.

The generally high interest in logistics improvement and rapidly improving economic climate combined with the Adding Logic to Logistics´ reputation as a starting place for concrete improvement processes attracted almost 100 organizations to the seminars held in Vantaa, Finland, Solna, Sweden and Oslo, Norway.

The presentations sparked vivid discussions both during and after the seminars. Sharing experience and best practices and especially the highly successful site visits to Ricoh AB, Tuko Logistics and Norgesgruppen were very positively received by the participants.

The feedback from the seminars was of equally high class. A full 100% of the comments stated that the seminar met the participants' expectations at least to a high degree. The same result was achieved in regards to the usefulness for the participants´ organization.

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