More growth from the east

Voice-Directed Solutions are ready for takeoff in the Russian market.


Voice solutions in the warehouse have taken the Nordic markets like a storm. This technology has already become an industry standard within retail and logistics in many countries due to the efficiency and productivity the solutions provide. Now the same change is happening in Russia.

- Russia is a rising market when it comes to Voice in the warehouse. All the signs indicate that the use of voice will penetrate the market extensively, says Kimmo Yli-Kokko, General Director of OOO Optiscan.

Optiscan serves its customers with a local sales and support organization in Russia, delivering voice solutions for all Warehouse Management System (WMS) platforms. The first solutions were implemented in Russia in 2008 right after the technology had received all the required certificates.

A decade of development

Optiscan started investigating the Russian market in 2006. Soon it became evident that the logistics sector was mature and ready for voice in the warehouse. The first step in entering the market was to build a partner network.

- During the first decade of the new millennium the Russian logistics sector developed fast both technically and structurally. Before that and partially even still a large part of daily consumer goods were delivered from the producer straight to the store. So there are still a lot of possibilities to make logistics even more efficient by centralizing distribution through logistics centers, says Yli-Kokko.

According to Yli-Kokko Russian companies use world-class WMS systems. There are a lot of online systems utilizing handheld devices that cover tasks from receiving and put-away to picking and replenishment.

Regional Sales Manager Svetlana Shevchuk says that Russian companies much rather increase the efficiency of the existing warehouse infrastructure than invest in brand new facilities and distribution centers. The focus is on finding ways to increase productivity and accuracy, in other words to do more profitable business.

Growth on top of growth

Yli-Kokko sees Moscow and Saint Petersburg areas as the most potential market for voice solutions in the warehouse but points out that there are altogether over dozen other metropolies in Russia. In turn, Shevchuk emphasizes that within this area many companies are evaluating additional investments in new technologies like voice.

- The Russian economy is growing rapidly. Furthermore, the logistics sector is consolidating operations. As the outdoor market trade goes indoors and into to the stores the flow of goods via logistics centers increases. In terms of the market potential for the voice in the warehouse it means growth on top of growth, Yli-Kokko says.




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