How Madonna makes warehousing more efficient

Put on your headphones and position the microphone in front of your mouth - then get to work. Looks like Madonna except that you are at DHL Storage's warehouse in Borås Sweden.

This Madonna metaphor is not without foundation because it represents in its own part how successful techonology solutions change workers' life also. A voice directed picking solution gives warehouse pickers headsets with microphones connecting to a wearable terminal attached to their belt. The pickers use voice-commands to communicate with warehouse management system (WMS). It was actually one of DHL's pickers who stated in training while trying the voice gear for the first time: "I feel like Madonna on stage."

DHL implemented the Pick-by-Voice solution delivered by Optiscan in the turn of the year 2008-2009. With this solution DHL wanted to enhance the efficiency and the accuracy of warehouse picking. Accuracy is especially important in the warehouse serving the fashion logistics of MQ retail chain of clothes and accessories in Sweden since accuracy saves time and money also in the stores.

Optiscan Group is the market leader of voice solutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Optiscan's customers pick daily over 1.750.000 order lines with solutions implemented and supported by Optiscan.


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