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Voice-directed letter sorting at Danish Post

Voice-directed mail sorting makes for busy - but highly efficient - nights in Copenhagen. Optiscan Abakus postal solutions enable postal employees to perform their sorting tasks accurately and efficiently.

The solution enables easy quality assurance and tracking visibility as well as an increased level of workforce management. Letter sorting, parcel sorting and facility mail service are all performed with the technologies best suited for the purpose, enabling efficient manual sorting and rapid employee orientation.

The Danish Post and voice-directed mail sorting

Even though most mail is sorted by machines, the remainder has to be sorted manually, either because the address is difficult to read or the physical format of the mail does not fit the sorting machines.

Post Danmark set up a special unit in each of its three postal centers to manage the manual component of the daily mail. "When using Optiscan´s voice-directed letter sorting system, the employee says part of the street name on the item and a message is immediately displayed on the screen indicating the compartment in which to place the item in the sorting shelf." explains Morten Buur, manager of development and support - letters, Post Danmark. He adds that the aim is to provide the postman with postal items sorted into the final order which matches the best and quickest way to distribute them along the route.

"We noted that Optiscan had efficient and proven technology that was being used for a slightly different purpose the company was known for numerous successful voice-directed logistics system implementations in the Nordic countries. During our initial discussions Optiscan demonstrated that it understood the issues we were facing, so we agreed to implement a pilot project, which fulfilled our expectations. The result is our voice-directed letter sorting system, which makes it simple and easy for our staff to reliably sort postal items correctly," says Buur.

Supreme performance with an expert solution

Post Danmark´s primary aim was to streamline the mail sorting process. "The level of success achieved has exceeded all expectations", says Buur.

"We have witnessed major improvements in efficiency, but also in quality. We are also in a better position to smooth out fluctuations in the daily mail volumes, as it is no longer individual employees who are the experts - it is the Optiscan system in cooperation with our own address database", says the Development Manager with satisfaction.

"With the addition of the Optiscan system, all of our postal services are now semi-digital, making it possible for us to offer new add-ons to our services. For example, in the future the system will be able to inform the sorting employee that a given item should be scanned for delivery via email, or delivered to another address.

This article was published on Postal Technology International, June 2012 issue.



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