Voice is faster than handscanners!

Voice solutions are easier to implement, faster to learn, are safer and more intuitive as several studies reveal.  Here you can watch a video Voice vs. handhelds and read about tests made by our customer Lesstor.

Vocollect by Honeywell has conducted several studies showing voice as more effective with a better picking accuracy compared to handhelds.

Voice vs handhelds:

  • Voice is 15 - 25% faster, thus increasing productivity
  • Customers using voice reduce their picking errors drastically, up to 90% less errors
  • Start up time for new employees is 50 - 60% faster with voice compared to handhelds

See Vocollects video Voice vs Handhelds!


Optiscan customer OOO Lesstor implemented Voice into their warehouse after testing periods.

In the start of the project, Lesstor considered two alternative solutions to get maximum advantages from the existing warehouse environment with minimum costs and changes. A set of tests was held to decide on technology to be used - handheld terminals vs. Voice. The table below shows a comparison of the different warehouse operations using a handheld terminal and Voice. The results of the tests were very clear. Using Voice produced much better results in both efficiency and productivity in every task, Voice being at some operations as much as 63,5% more efficient.

Lesstor compared Voice vs. handhelds

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