Savings by unlocking hidden costs

Intermec by Honeywell have conducted a study about hidden costs in the distribution centre.

Among other things, the key findings from the study shows that:

Managers are seeking to improve operational efficiency by gaining back mere seconds from each workflow to improve the overall time and cost savings. Having workers take fewer steps over the course of a day, eliminating battery changes mid-shift or using one device for multiple purposes are all areas managers identified as key components to increase efficiency. It is also clear that technology investment will impact productivity when deployed effectively.

Picking accuracy is of growing importance to managers as visibility increases over the cost to the business through measures such as The Perfect Order Index. Managers believe mis-picks to be an ongoing issue within the workplace and one that could be avoided through new technology and processes.

Trends such as ‘reverse logistics´ are growing in popularity as businesses look to manage returned goods within the supply chain as quickly as possible to reduce the impact on the bottom line. And along with this, managers are adopting ‘Hardware as a Service´ models to ease the burden of peak periods without significant capital expenditure. Adoption of RFID and Voice technology is steadily growing, with the US and Germany quicker on adoption in both instances.



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