VDC White Paper: Investment Acumen for Next Generation Mobile Solutions

Manufacturing and Logistics Operations: From the Industrial Revolution to the Age of Information.

Manufacturing and logistics organizations globally are in the midst of a massive transformation. Compelled by shifts in markets and key technological advances the competitive dynamic among these organizations is transforming and introducing a new phase of innovation, growth and opportunity. Manufacturing organizations today view investments in operational optimization as a cost of business rather than a long term competitive differentiation.

Mobile workers in the manufacturing and durable goods wholesaling sectors support a variety of critical workflows including service operations, field sales, asset inspection and management and delivery services among others. For these organizations, frontline mobile workers represent essential customer facing and engagement professionals whose capabilities are directly enhanced by mobile and wireless driven improvements in real time decision making capabilities and workgroup collaboration.

Minimizing mobile device and application downtime and failure is of utmost importance. In fact, according to VDC Research, each percentage point increase in failure directly translates into a five percent increase in cost of ownership.

Forward looking organizations are focusing on transforming their customer service business and are leveraging significant mobile and wireless technology advances and more capable field service automation software to address these needs. In this vein, the hard line drawn previously between field service and field sales is blurring.

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