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Improve productivity and customer service in the retail store with automated inventory management.

When a customer walks through your doors, they have chosen your retail store over other shopping options, including online stores and catalogs. In order to earn a sale and their repeat business, customers need to find the items they want, ready and waiting on the shelves of your store. Your ability to make sure your customers find what they want, when they want it, is dependent upon the efficiency of your inventory management processes.

If you use manual paper-based processes in your store, you insert time and the opportunity for errors into your inventory management processes. Information is touched twice — first collected on paper and then entered into a spreadsheet or other program, where it is finally visible. As a result, end-to-end inventory management processes move more slowly — orders and replenishment of shelves on the sales floor can be delayed, making out-of-stocks and lost sales more likely. And if a customer is looking for a specific item that you know is somewhere in the store, it can be harder if not impossible to locate. These inefficiencies ultimately reduce your ability to best serve your customers.

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