Logistics Roadmap to 2025

We live in a highly connected world that is complex and becoming increasingly so. In the midst of this complexity, all the pieces must fit and work together to accommodate continuous and sometimes mind-boggling change. This is the environment for material handling and logistics in 2014.

Material handling and logistics provide the connections that move goods through the supply chain and into consumers´ hands. The impact of the industry on the economy is extremely broad, touching everything from raw materials at the point of origin to final delivery at the front door of the consumer to recycling and end-of-life disposal. One faulty connection along the way can mean consumers go without or that they pay too much for their goods.

The Roadmap identifies 10 major trends in the economy, technology and society that will shape the future of the industry:

  • the growth of e-commerce
  • relentless competition
  • mass personalization
  • urbanization
  • mobile and wearable computing
  • robotics and automation
  • sensors and the Internet of Things
  • Big Data and predictive analytics
  • the changing workforce
  • sustainability.
The U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics assembled a broad, open community of thought leaders with a stake in the future of material handling and logistics technologies and practices. Together, participants created an industry roadmap that will increase productivity, reduce costs, create jobs and improve the global competitiveness between now and 2025. The Roadmap consists of a report and action plan.



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