Current State of the 3PL Market

In the 2014 18th Annual Third Party Logistics Study, conducted by Capgemini, survey results showed the continuing, positive overall nature of shipper-3PL relationships. Shippers agree that 3PLs provide new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness, and that they are sufficiently agile and flexible to accommodate future business needs and challenges.

Current market of warehouse services is experiencing a significant growth of warehouse operations and improved quality of services. An important role in supporting these trends is given to the use of world best practices, advanced production methods and latest in IT technologies.

According to the 2013 RIS News/Gartner Retail Technology Study, just 20% of retailer respondents are using up-to-date technology for real-time inventory visibility, 24% for distributed order management and 16% for multi-channel fulfillment — key elements of optimizing inventory in an omni-channel environment.

This study reveals that retail organizations rarely have the ability to develop their warehouse operations. 3PL operators are giving these organizations a possibility to focus on their own core competence and diminish overhead costs.

Read our Success Stories on 3PL projects:

  • DHL - MQ

    The errors are so few that it´s not worth spending time checking the deliveries at MQ´s stores. A good testimonial for the solution based on Pick-by-Voice from Optiscan.

  • Itella Logistics

    The principal idea behind third-party logistics is that a company outsources logistics to a service provider like Itella Logistics and thereby is able to concentrate on its core business.

  • Tablogix

    TABLOGIX Warehouse Implements Voice Technology.One of the world best practices in warehouse logistics for managing warehouse operations is the use of Voice technology, also known as Voice picking.




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