New EU food regulations

EU regulation 1169/2011 will come to an effect gradually starting on December 13, 2014. New statutes will effect the labeling requirements regarding food and alcoholic beverages.

This regulation is to update the legislation regarding both the general labeling of food and the information about the nutritional values of food. Transition time for applying the mandatory general labeling for food is three years and transition time for nutritional values labeling is five years.

The regulation is far reaching and will cover all foods and alcoholic beverages intended for consumers or institutional kitchens, including non pre-packed foods, foods sold in restaurants and cafés and food sold in on-line stores. The attention is also paid to better legibility i.e. minimum size of texts on labeling.

According to the regulation it is mandatory to list among other things:
  1. Name of the food
  2. Ingredient list
  3. Substances considered to be allergens
  4. Certain other substances
  5. Amount of the content
  6. Minimum shelf life or expiration date
  7. Special storing information or conditions of use
  8. Traders full name and address
  9. Country of origin or point of departure (special regulations concern)
  10. Instructions for use if necessary
  11. Alcohol content if over 1,2 percentage of volume
  12. Nutritional values
Full details of the new food labeling EU regulations can be found on European Comission website.



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