This Christmas Optiscan donates gift funds to charity projects

This year Optiscan donates all funds reserved to customer gifts to local charity associations.

In Finland Optiscan donated Christmas gift funds to Save the Children Finland.

Save the Children Finland is a national organization founded in 1922, which fights for children´s rights in order to immediately and permanently improve children´s lives in Finland and all over the world. Save the Children Finland is a professional of high-quality work for children´s welfare and an influential actor in society. In particular, the organisation provides support for children living in difficult circumstances in Finland and abroad.

Save the Children is the world´s leading independent organisation for children. The organization works in 120 countries. Save the Children is made up of 30 national member organisations raising funds and running programs domestically and/or internationally.

Save the Children International is based in London. This office is responsible for delivering our programmes internationally on behalf of members and our donors and working with national organisations to ensure we achieve the greatest possible impact for children.

You can find out more about the Save the Children and its member organisations and their work by visiting their homepages at www.savethechildren.net.

In Sweden Optiscan donates money to the Swedish Cancer Society, which is an independent, nonprofit fundraising organization working for more people to survive and fewer to develop cancer. Funds raised go to research, dissemination and advocacy. Since Cancer Foundation was founded in 1951, nearly 8 billion SEK has been distributed to the Swedish Cancer Research.

In Russia Optiscan made a donation to orphanage at the Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in the village Davidovo, Yaroslavl region, Russia.




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