E-commerce in the Nordics 2015

Nordic e-commerce is undergoing dramatic development and following the latest trends - the most obvious of which is the omni-channel combination of commerce in physical and digital channels.

The critical success factor is being responsive to consumers´ needs and expectations in terms of availability and freedom of choice - and the personal touch is increasingly important.

Omni-channel still a growing trend

To achieve seamless e-commerce, it is increasingly important to meet the consumer in all available channels - commonly referred to as "omni-channel". In brief, omni-channel involves companies´ integration of physical and digital channels where consumers can look for information as well as make purchases. Awareness of omni-channel is increasing among retailers in the Nordics, in parallel with consumers´ heightened expectations for seamless e-commerce. Retailers are also increasingly aware of the importance of availability and logistics, including inventory. In order for seamless e-commerce to function, products need to be available in all channels.

Look or try in store before digital purchases

During the last quarter of 2014, more than one in ten Nordic residents looked at or tried on an item in-store before completing the actual purchase online. The corresponding figure in Sweden is close to one in five, perhaps because Sweden is a bit more advanced in its omni-channel philosophy than the other Nordic countries. The products purchased in this manner by Nordic residents are primarily clothing and footwear. Finland is far above the Nordic average in this regard, but falls below the average when it comes to researching
home electronics in-store prior to purchasing online.

Digital research serves as basis for in-store purchases

More and more people still choose to research products online before making in-store purchases. Some consumers even research the product online while actually in the store. With today´s fast smartphones and tablets, the consumer can be standing in front of the display looking at the product while simultaneously researching and comparing the product online in real time. For the Nordics as a whole, home electronics is the most popular product category to purchase in this way, followed by clothing and footwear. The exception is Norway, where clothing and footwear are the category primarily being shopped for in this way.

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