Optiscan summarizes NRF's Big Show in NYC

Luckily we managed to visit NY just before the arrival of one of the worst snowstorms ever. Even the NRF event could be seen as a storm at least when looking at the 30 000 + visitors and the number of exhibitors. The show consists of the retail technology´s top leaders and a vast selection of innovative new technologies.

Today´s retailers and solution providers are focusing on the speed of change in today´s demanding retail environment. They are finding ways to update systems and implement new capabilities quicker and more efficiently. When deciding for the way forward and where to invest it is important to focus on a technology that you can benefit from quickly, then consider how you can scale up in the future. For example, RFID allows you to better track inventory location and availability.

Jeans at Macy's We attended a store tour at Macys. A store that holds 900 000 SKUs! They have implemented RFID and started with the shoe assortment. All boxes are tagged and so are all display shoes. This helps with inventory control but as well when putting back the shoes to the right display location in the store after that customer have brought them to another department for testing with other outfits. Next product group in plan is jeans that normally are stacked and takes time to control and to find the right size for a customer.

One of the cooler things demonstrated was the Toshiba Virtual app that gives you to opportunity to present and show digital images in "real life".


Wearable Solutions
Opticon When Apple launched the iWatch they started a new hype with many followers. Most use cases have been focusing in health and personal fit. During NRF Opticon launched a new watch if combined with a finger scanner can be a very good alternative for wearable computers. Lighter, cheaper and maybe most important, users are used to wear a watch.


Vocollect by Honeywell launched their latest invention combining a hand held computer with light weighted Bluetooth headset focusing on usage in the retail store. The headsets is in comparison with the warehouse model slicker and more convenient for usage in an area where you also are supposed to service customers.

Cognitive Computing

In the world of Big Data where over 90% of the worlds stored data is produced in the last two years solutions for understanding and managing data becomes more crucial to stay ahead of competition. 80% of that data is also unstructured. IBM´s Watson analyses unstructured data, understands complex questions and finally presents answers and solutions. In the world of retail Watson helps customers discover who your customers are, how they behave, and what keeps them coming back. Track trends, find correlations in data Vocollect headset you weren´t aware were there and determine what are influencing campaign and promotional outcomes. Watson analytics guides you through advanced analytics in minutes for a better understanding of consumers, smarter marketing campaigns and more successful operations.



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