Team Rynkeby Finland raises a record breaking amount for charity

The Nordic charity event Team Rynkeby 2015 – 2016 has raised a record breaking charity amount in Finland. Optiscan has been supporting this year’s cycling event that raises funds for children and adolescents with cancer and for their families.

The record breaking charity amount 331 795€ was given to Sylva ry to support children and adolescents with cancer and their families as well as to research and develop cancer treatment. 99.450 € from this charity amount was donated to Aamu foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to award grants to secure most advanced treatment and healthy adulthood for children with cancer.

Team Rynkeby, founded in 2002, is a Nordic charity cycling team comprising 1600 cyclists and 400 volunteers from 38 teams. Every summer the participants cycle to Paris collecting funds for children with cancer and for the children’s families. The teams come from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Faroe Islands.

Read more on Team Rynkeby’s homepage and join for the important cause.



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