Honeywell Autocube 8200

Do you struggle on a daily basis to measure all your shipments? Look no further, Honeywell has launched the AutoCube. The AutoCube measures packages and objects from as small as 10 cm to as large as a 100 cm cube.

In distribution centers and e-commerce, the cost cutting continues. Another step in this process is to optimize all transport of goods. Goods are measured, often manually. It is a time-consuming task to optimize both storing and shipping packaging. To speed up the process of measuring and input of numbers manually, Honeywell has launched the AutoCube.

The AutoCube projects an infrared mesh over the object, reads it with its camera and calculates in an instant the dimensions of the object. The dimensions are transferred to the system/s of choice. Combined with a scale, this an excellent addition to an already streamlined warehouse.

In our test with a preproduction unit we have measured 10 boxes in just one minute and two seconds. The same boxes were measured with a yardstick with numbers manually put in to a computer, in two minutes and twenty seconds. A whopping doubling of the efficiency. And with a pricing tag at a fraction of other solutions, this is one of the most exciting product launches this year.

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Honeywell Autocubee 8200

Honeywell AutoCube 8200

Optiscan tested AutoCube - see video below!



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