Technology in Logistics: Why & how?

Nowadays Internet is overloaded with the fancy articles on future trends and innovations in technology, particularly in logistics. Iot and Big data have invaded the Warehouse management. Real-time data transfer and intelligence are critical for any process in logistics. But what does that mean for a warehouse?

Why we should cope with all these trends and innovations in our daily working lives?

Let’s start from us - humans. By nature we are looking for more comfort and easier ways to make work faster and with better quality output. The right data can help us to analyze own operations, enhance workforce performance. Increase in productivity and decrease of the errors has positive impact on company’s performance, service quality and sales growth.

Looking at the warehouse how the eco-system: bulk goods are taken in, located, coordinated and trans-passed through the warehouse in the most optimized/efficient way possible. In order to survive the competition, the warehouse through time is shrinking and demand to perform error-free operations is growing. By enhancing material and/or data flows we can significantly improve the quality of warehouse process, save time and costs, improving our service. That is why there is a need to adopt and enhance use of technology and solutions in a warehouse.

How the material and data management in warehouse can be supported by information systems and solutions?

1. Implement inventory control and management solution to control inventory levels and develop optimization and replenishment logic and processes.
2. Inventory and resource planning system will help you to forecast Inventory and demand for stock in a warehouse.
3. Goods handling hardware and software solutions for such processes as receiving, put-away, transfers, stock-taking, picking and loading.
4. Scheduling & transportation systems – logic for scheduling & transporting goods.



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