AbakusWMS is the first all-in-voice WMS in the market

AbakusWMS is the first all-in-voice WMS in the market. All tasks can be executed by voice control, providing a hands-free-eyes-free work environment from inbound to outbound. This provides an additional 15% - 35% productivity boost compared to traditional warehouse management systems with handheld driven processes. All AbakusWMS processes can be executed with a variety of handhelds, tablets and forklift computers, supported with internal or external scanners and additional information screen. With AbakusWMS the most suitable devices can be used based on the process requirements.

AbakusWMS is suitable for all types of warehouses, from distribution centers to material warehouses of production plants. It is designed to optimize all aspects of warehousing, maximizing the service quality with significantly lowered costs.

AbakusWMS solution provides transparency and visibility on the warehouse-floor processes eliminating errors and resource consuming processes. It easily resides on top of the Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) and controls all aspects of performing work tasks from the initial business transaction to the final reporting and analysis.

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