The year 2019 means a breakthrough in technology in warehouses

In the last five years warehouse and logistics technology has made significant progress and shaped the supply chain. Companies are struggling to optimize their supply chain operations and meet customers' needs, for example, the next day's free delivery and fast-processed returns. As e-commerce grows and competition intensifies, companies will increasingly focus on technology innovation in 2019 to improve supply chain processes.

Changes to operating systems

In 2019 companies are investing in moving the supply chain to Android, as Windows CE approaches the end of its life cycle. In addition, companies must continue to ensure that operating systems remain effective and safe.

Time of drone planes and cobots

In 2019, the use of drone aircraft and co-operating robots (cobots) will be extended to small and medium businesses. Drones work together with employees, for example, to identify inventory information and transport of goods.

With cobots employees can focus on more valuable and high-skill tasks while robots are running routines. Similar development can be seen, for example, in smart glasses that can be used to increase productivity.

Looking outside of stocks

The increased use of technology in warehouses is proportional to changes outside warehouses. Consumers have switched to a online shops and the function of brick and mortar is to turn into customer service centers and respond to faster delivery requirements. Hyper-local stocks, such as those already used by Best Buy in the United States in Los Angeles, eliminate the great physical distance between products and customers. This greatly reduces delivery times. Companies can also adapt their digital strategy by introducing more technology in the store. Thus, the gap between the brick and mortat shops and the online retail trade can be removed and similar customer services can be provided to consumers.

Customer experience starts from warehouses. Development must take place to increase efficiency and accuracy. The companies that are willing to make the changes will be most successful.

Source: Osto&Logistiikka newsletter 1/2019



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