Zebra Technical Advisory Council

As part of Zebra's plan to ensure continued close support to its partner community, they now launched their first Technical Advisory Council (TAC). The purpose of TAC is to update Zebra's partners on Zebra technology, solutions and services and to provide an open forum for change, improvement and development.

The Northern European Region TAC took place at Zebra's European office in Bourne End, just outside London on 19 September. Optiscan was there to take part in the discussion and was represented by Ola Nordenfelt and Panu Lehikoinen.

Among many interesting presentations, we were also fortunate in that Bruce Willins, a Zebra Engineering Fellow for the Mobile Computing Division, was with us during the day. Bruce has worked with the development of Android from the beginning, first on Motorola and later on Zebra Technologies, and provided many interesting insights into Android's history and future.

During the day, Zebra presented its organization focusing on the Nordic countries. Bruce talked about Android's development and that the transition from Windows CE to Android is now really taking place to a large extent. There was also an update on printers and its software, Zebra DNA, and Zebras Services.

We would like to thank Zebra Technologies for this interesting event!

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