Pamark Group


Rapid COVID-19 tests are picked with the AbakusWMS system and Zebra devices

Pamark Group is a nationwide wholesaler with a range of over 18,000 products for hygiene, HoReCa and healthcare professionals. Pamark's portfolio also includes Boson's COVID-19 tests, whose sales have grown exponentially in Finland in a matter of months. During the autumn and early winter, the workload for purchasing, storing and delivering COVID-19 tests has grown rapidly. The delivery volume of rapid tests is expected to increase further.

Agile warehousing and logistics processes are at the heart of Pamark's customer service; rapid COVID-19 tests are delivered quickly and on time. All items in Pamark’s warehouse are picked using Optiscan's AbakusWMS system and Zebra handheld devices. With a flexible inventory management system and reliable devices, Pamark is able to manage both large daily deliveries of dozens of pallets to central stores as well as deliveries of individual e-commerce orders. The system also allows tracking of each batch of rapid COVID-19 tests shipments.

In addition to hundreds of other product shipments, we now send thousands of rapid COVID-19 tests daily to central stores as well as smaller quantities to numerous companies and private webshop subscribers. Optiscan's AbakusWMS inventory management system and Zebra devices have enabled the digitization of warehouse processes, utilization of real-time balance information and batch tracking in our customer service. The advantage of the solution is improved visibility of warehousing processes and operations, ” says Tuomo Pircklén, Logistics Manager, Pamark Group.



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