Jarmo Reunanen: Effective personnel control of warehouses and stores in the new era

Jarmo ReunanenThe digitalisation of trade and logistics is focusing on the creation of new business models and services, such as the production of purchasing and service services digitally. This requires that production and service processes be adapted to new business models. This is a big and time-consuming challenge. 78% of the top management of logistics companies do not consider the current digitalisation skills of their company or logistics industry to be sufficient.

Digitisation of trade and logistics

The digitalisation projects of logistics companies focus on business management very broadly, they are not just separate projects for warehousing or the delivery channel. Typically, they are implemented by extending the ERP systems of business management with the necessary functions.


Personnel control of warehouses and stores

Systems that focus on controlling business processes in the new age, despite their scale and richness, do not provide significant services for directing and streamlining personnel work. However, much of the customer quality produced is done in person to produce, inspect, store, collect and deliver products. Personnel costs have traditionally represented up to half of the total cost of storage.


AbakusDirect is a mobile system created to increase the efficiency of trade and logistics personnel. It integrates directly with business systems and brings personnel work into a seamless part of the digital business. It includes warehousing and store management work processes from reception to collection.


AbakusDirect utilizes the mobile devices of the Android operating system and can be used in the future for voice picking without separate accessories. When integrating personnel work with AbakusDirect as part of a larger digital business, the following benefits are achieved:

  • Improves service quality - human errors related to receiving and collecting products are eliminated when operations are controlled by a mobile application 

  • Reduced staff costs at the reception - postings are made in real time where products are processed and movement between the office and the reception area is reduced 

  • Improved work productivity - AbakusDirect supports multi-order collection independently without ERP support. Collecting several orders on the same collection loop increases collection efficiency by 20-40% 

  • Integrate work into the digital business - efficient delivery discrepancy handling, batch and serial number management and reporting, products are posted to and out of stock in real time as work progresses, and sales delays are eliminated

AbakusDirect is designed to work effectively in the conditions of use. It can be operated with a handset, tablet and can also be used directly with voice picking. With the help of wearable technology and voice picking, personnel work can be made more efficient by 15-35%.

Personnel is still a key part of the digital business. AbakusDirect is designed to optimize personnel work without the need for costly and time-consuming changes to back-end processes.

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