Study reveals: 81% of the Voice users are satisfied!

Supply Chain Insights is focused on delivering independent, actionable and objective advice for supply chain leaders. They conducted a study (the Power of Voice) about the value of Voice-Directed warehousing.

Both Voice users and non-users of voice-directed warehousing were interviewed for the report. The most interesting result was the high satisfaction rate of Voice users; 81% of those who uses Voice are satisfied with the solution when the respective rate for non-users is only 34 per cent.

Summary of the "Power of Voice" study

A warehouse is not a warehouse and a supply chain is not a supply chain. They come in various sizes, varieties and with different requirements. They vary by industry and product requirements. It is hard to generalize. They need to be designed and fit for purpose, but there is no question that they are growing more complex. As complexity increases, manufacturers and distributors are seeking new ways to optimize customer service requirements with rising labor costs.

One of these options is voice-directed warehousing. Voice-directed warehousing — where a warehouse worker is directed to perform tasks based on voice automation using a headset — is now over twenty years old.

According to the research, Voice-users are satisfied when performing work with the Voice system because it enables a worker to process orders "hands-free and eyes-free" improving safety, quality and productivity. The processes are maturing and the technologies are increasing in capability. We have moved from early adopter, or early experimentation with the technology, to main market adoption where mainstream manufacturers and distributors are trying to rationalize the value proposition.

This report is designed to answer the question, "What is the value of voice?" for the supply chain leader. The top reason that supply chain leaders use the technology is to improve the quality of loads to the customer. Here we tell this story.




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