Rice Lake: QubeVu - Dimensioning has never been so quick and easy

About QubeVu and Parcel Dimensioning Solutions

QubeVu technology is the fastest parcel and pallet dimensioning technology you can buy. QubeVu systems are certified for accuracy, are simple to use and are engineered with innovative features to make your team more productive. With QubeVu you can measure packages and products fast and accurately, in just less than 1 second.

It is not only fast in dimensioning but it is also easy to integrate. Uneven objects are as easy to dimension as quickly and if you need weight data, it is possible to integrate a scale to the device. QubeVu is MID, OIML NTEP certified.

QubeVu Core™:  The brilliant little box with the world’s fastest parcel dimensioning: lightning quick (literally), with certified accuracy, unbeatable throughput, simplified installation and painless interfacing.

QubeVu DimStation ® 2.0: Built around our lightning-quick QubeVu Core™, DimStation is the complete parcel-dimensioning solution. Designed for high throughput, DimStation is powerful, economical and easy to use.

QubeVu Industrial™: Big brother to the QubeVu Core™, Industrial is a data-grabbing machine, packing unbeatable speed and high-resolution imagery suitable for reading barcodes and OCR. One scan captures it all.

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