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Abakus - Technical overview

AbakusWMS is a warehouse management system specially designed to optimize warehouse tasks executed by human workforce:

  • In a typical warehouse business labor costs represent >50 % of the total costs of the business
  • Majority of personnel costs are related to executing work tasks (picking, replenishment, goods receive)
  • Work task execution is often a ”black box” for ERP’s that focus on controlling business transactions

Focused on real-life work processes and ease-of-use, Abakus enables organizations of all sizes to achieve real-time visibility and management of the mobile work force. Real-time collaboration between employees and third parties is an essential benefit of the solution.

AbakusWMS provides an end-to-end solution for management of all warehouse activities. The solution strengthens and complements existing warehouse management systems.

Abakus Management Tools enable real-time visibility and interaction with the mobile workforce as well as daily operations planning and long term reporting.

Abakus Mobile Suite applications include automatic time reporting, full access to work instructions, documentation and spare parts ordering by mobile phone or mobile terminal as well as offer options such as collaboration - secured third party access to selected data.