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Field Mobility

Abakus FieldWork offers functionality for the daily reporting and operational management of maintenance, logistics and customer services field operations. Timely management of the mobile workforce provides a significant competitive edge for an efficient service organization.

The built-in order and work-flow management guide workers` activities according to service level agreements and best practices.

Information is automatically collected on all essential activities including mileage and travel times to provide necessary information for i.e. invoicing and salary accounting. Attachments such as images, video, audio messages or text can be attached to each assignment. Dynamic team communication enables efficient interaction for all team members and enables peer-to-peer collaboration.

The challenge in managing a mobile workforce is often in receiving adequately accurate and timely information from the field as well as being able to direct employees in real-time in the changing situations.

Abakus FieldWork applications offer functionality for daily management and reporting of maintenance, logistics and customer services fieldwork operations. The built-in order and work-flow management, implemented according to best practices, guides workers` activities ensuring that committed service level agreements are followed. The entire organization from sales to service and management can rely on accurate data guaranteed by the access to shared information and real-time updating.

Abakus FieldSales collects order and replenishment information, enables customer specific price quotes in the field, transfers the information to host systems and provides the customer with a real-time estimate of product availability and delivery times via customer portal.

Using a centralized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database the Abakus FieldSales application enables operators in the field to access and update all customer data including quotations, contracts, open orders as well as product and corporate documentation.

Product availability and customer specific pricing are available for negotiations and placing new orders. All the data in the database can be used for launching marketing activities and all the activities can be tracked and reported with the management functionality.

Abakus FieldLogistics makes logistics and transportation management easy, tracking deliveries can be extended to track shipments all the way to the end user, with real-time data transfers providing visibility to the status of the delivery. The Abakus FieldLogistics module provides a wide range of delivery related functionality.

Vehicle tracking with route planning, goods tracking and proof of deli-very processes and even value added customer services such as vendor managed inventory (VMI) service or return materials handling are available to manage the daily operations of logistics service operators in the field.

Armed with the necessary information the FieldLogistics operators are empowered to deliver world class services guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Abakus FieldService offers service management at both assignment management and actual service process levels. The state-of-the-art Abakus platform enables easy tracking and reporting as well as online collaboration with customers.

Preventive maintenance, repair on-demand, periodic overhauls, inspections and other service tasks need to be performed efficiently and according to equipment and customer specific instructions and timetables. Abakus FieldService uses a CRM database to provide all customer data including contact person and address information. GPS tracking with mapping services provide both directions to service targets and collect travel mileage and hours for invoicing.

End-customers can create work orders either online or with an SMS. The assignments are automatically transferred to the right mobile employees. This automated order process significantly reduces back-office work. As the appropriate employee is automatically assigned with all the orders in the most efficient order, unnecessary driving is reduced, efficiency and customer service are improved and more assignments can be handled within the same time.

Employees report activities in real time, without visits to the office. Assignments are closed, spare parts, work time and mileage are all input with the mobile device. The system can automatically send assignment status updates to all desired parties (i.e. end-customer, building administrator) until the assignment is closed.

The operators are guided through service processes using predetermined best practice processes with automatic real-time reporting and collecting of data for invoicing and salary management. Proof of delivery can be provided by creating documents or attaching images or videos of the service targets. All service target related information is maintained and updated in Abakus mobile platform database.

By improving data flows we significantly improve the quality of your customer service, provide substantial time saving for your personnel and provide a significant economic impact by saving costs and improving your cash flow.

Besides an important tool a vehicle is also a significant cost for a service organization. The ability to track both vehicles and customer locations in real-time enables an efficient assignment of the tasks to the optimum employees. This results in a better control of the travel costs through reduced driving times and mileage.