The Top Retail Trends and Technologies

What are the technology trends , and what are retailers doing to keep up? Here are some thoughts on the latest trends as they relate to retailer and shopper expectations.

  1. Obtaining a 360-degree view of the shopper will be paramount. As retailers have access to digital analytics, in-store behavior and transactions, it is the perfect time to make analytics a differentiator. This will create an improved, personalized and relevant shopper experience.
  2. Choices are critical. Supporting shoppers´ needs through in-store, online, social and mobile transactions, as well as the myriad of shipping options, will be critical to create repeat and loyal shoppers. Same-day shipping options will increase. Shoppers will continue to demand choice for self-service and store associate assistance.
  3. Differentiate through best-in-class customer service. Arm your associates with mobile technology for shopper engagement and enhanced clienteling.
  4. Support loyalty and savings in every channel − in-store, online, social and mobile. Demand for mobile coupons will continue to grow.And there will be an increase in geo-location services and integration with social apps for deals, offers and coupons.
  5. Define and share your showrooming strategy. Retailers will be expected to embrace showrooming and provide value-added services for the in-store experience.
  6. Payment options will continue to expand from mobile wallets to brand-specific payment programs. This expansion will increase the need for mobile point of sale (POS) and associates to be able to engage with shoppers for different payment options.
  7. Further expansion of wearable technologies, from eyeglasses to wrist watches and beyond. Shoppers will increase engagement with wearables, which will drive increased need for associates to be prepared to assist them with mobile technology in multiple formats.




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