Turku Free Zone Company (TVV)

Productivity in warehouse  with AbakusWMS inventory management system

Turku Free Zone Company (TVV)

Turku Free Zone Company (TVV)  provides warehousing, customs clearance and goods handling services to companies and importers operating in various industries, from small import and export customers to large logistics outsourcing projects. Turku Free Zone Company (TVV)'s competitive advantage is the flexible and customer-oriented 3PL service concept. The customer can pick up the part of the cargo they want and come only with the item they are looking for, conveniently and cost-effectively. The documentation required for customs clearance is produced digitally as part of the service. With the growth of the business, Turku Free Zone Company has expanded its storage capacity and developed its service concept to be increasingly comprehensive. The company is part of the Turku Satama Oy Group.

In order to increase the efficiency of its warehousing operations, Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) chose Optiscan's AbakusWMS system. The system was introduced in the autumn 2020. With the help of AbakusWMS, all the services required for storage have been automated. AbakusWMS also provides a query interface that allows ERP-based sales / customer service to make real-time and detailed queries to inventory management data.

Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) has implemented AbakusWMS solution: process description

Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) has approximately 28-hectare storage area and is organized to serve various operators efficiently. Storage takes place in different covered rooms and outdoors in accordance with the requirements of the products to be stored. There are either warm, unheated or refrigerated rooms available. The storage of alcohol products also has its own special requirements to meet their needs.

In accordance with the requirements of the service concept, Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) applied for an inventory management system that would enable the utilization of real-time balance information in customer service in addition to the comprehensive digitization of warehouse work. Optiscan's AbakusWMS was chosen as the system, which will enable Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) to achieve its future growth goals.

"The introduction of the AbakusWMS inventory management system has streamlined and optimized Turku Free Zone Company (TVV)'s inventory management. Turku Free Zone Company (TVV)'s warehouses no longer collect with pen and paper, but all functions and processes related to warehousing, product management and inventory have been digitized," says Stefan Lindström, CEO, Turku Free Warehouse.

AbakusWMS is integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and provides a real-time balance interface for ERP. It allows Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) to have up-to-date availability information required by a high level of customer service. AbakusWMS can also be used to record all value-added services and work performed and forward them to ERP for customer invoicing.

Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) is using reliable  Zebra TC77 handheld terminals

Zebra TC77

Warehouse personnel are using  Zebran TC77 handheld terminals with a barcode reader at all stages of their work. Due to comprehensive digitalization, product balances in warehouses are up-to-date and customer orders can be delivered as planned. Balance and picking errors have decreased significantly and the return rate has remained low. The productivity of personnel work has increased and enables business growth without the warehousing bottlenecks.

As a plan for further development between Turku Free Zone Company (TVV) and Optiscan, product lifecycle management and orders will be added to the system with the help of a pallet identifier created during receiving or inventory stages. This makes it easier to identify custom products in situations where the products are large and do not fit in individual storage locations.


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